An agreement was signed between Samarkand Veterinary Medicine Institute and German PRAXX- program within professional development, vocational training,  international dialogue аnd sustainable success


On November 19, the rector of Samarkand Veterinary Medicine Institute X.BYunusov and the head of the department of international relations X. Pardaev met the coordinator of the PRAXX program F.Saidov. 
    Theу have signed a contract for training students of Samarkand Veterinary Medicine Institute in 2018-2019 academic years in Germany to conduct training practice in various agricultural fields in Germany.
    The practice of this course is to strengthen the theoretical knowledge gained from practical training, professional training and experience and to gain professional and practical skills, including additional learning in the field and future professional work and they will be able to use their knowledge. Practitioners also have a great opportunity to get acquainted with life and experience of German manufacturers.

    In addition, it has been agreed that in future teachers of the institute will be able to teach foreign languages and involve German specialists in the institute's educational process.
In the second half of the day qualifying examinations were held among the 3 rd grade students of the institute who wanted to go to Germany.

Yunusova D.A senior teacher of “Uzbek and foreign languages” department