Dean of the faculty

Normurodov Davlat Sayibnazarovich

  • Qabul vaqti: Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 11:00, main building, room 29.
  • Telefon: Telefon :+99893356-02-72 Faks:+99866 234-45-06
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Normurodov Davlat Soyibnazarovich was born in 1973 in the Payarik district of the Samarkand region.
Nationality: Uzbek
Education: Higher, graduated from the agronomic faculty of the Samarkand Agricultural Institute (1995), at the same institute graduate school (1999), in 2005 defended the candidate's, and in 2017 doctoral thesis.
Work experience:
1988-1990 - Member of the economic society of Chelek district
1990-1991 - student of the preparatory department of the Samarkand Agricultural Institute
1991-1999 - student, graduate student of the Samarkand Agricultural Institute
1996-1998 - agronomist of the farm Katta Turk of the Samarkand region
1998-1999 - Senior specialist of agroindustrial management of Samarkand region
1999-2001 - Head of the Department of Plant Protection and Agrochemistry, Chelek region, Samarkand region
2008-2014 - assistant, associate professor of the department, head of the plant cultivation department of the Samarkand Agricultural Institute
2013- 2018 years-present - Dean of the Faculty of Agronomy of the Samarkand Agricultural Institute
Degree: Doctor of Science
Academic rank: Associate professor
Work experience: 27 years
Pedagogical experience: 21 years
Subjects of instruction: Plant growing, Seed growing, Growing of forages.
Achievements: As part of international projects to improve curricula for higher education, he has improved his skills in the technology of growing new varieties of apples in order to increase the profit of farmers. (JICA 2016).
Scientific works:
He published 86 articles, 7 methodical guides, 3 manuals, 4 recommendations on the technology of growing plants, breeding and seed production, field crops. The doctoral thesis on the theme: "Agrobiological basis of seed-growing of virus-free potatoes" is protected.
Family status: Married, has three children.