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Wednesday, 29 January 2020
Information letter

Information letter

About holding the international scientific -practical conference "The problems of inculcation of innovational technologies in agriculture" at Samarkand Agricultural Institute on the 20 -21 th of November 2012.

           The organizers of the conference:
      -The Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation of the Republic of Uzbekistan
      -The Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan 
      -Samarkand Agricultural Insititute.
        The object of the conference: ‘'The problems of inculcation of innovational technologies in agriculture''
-carrying out scientific researches proceeding from the peculiarities and needs of farms
-The achievements of agrarian science for the development and improvement of well -being of villages .
-The exchange of views and working out the scientific plans according to the results of scientific researches.
            The tasks of the conference:
-the raise of the effectiveness and modernization of the technology of production in agriculture on the base of employment of innovational technologies
-the proposals on inculcation of innovational technologies into production
The scientific trends of the conference:
1.Agronomy- the technology of production of ecologically pure products, selection and seed growing of agricultural crops, soil science, the principles of agriculture and reclamation, agrochemistry and plant protection -modern achievements.
2. Veterinary -the achievements in prophylaxis and effective treatment of infectious, parasitical and non-infectious diseases.
3. Stock -breeding -selection and improvement of breeding animals, feeding, the newest achievements in the technology of production .
4. Mechanization of agriculture -mechanization of production ,storage and initial processing of agricultural production , production of resource and energy-saving agricultural machinery, the employment of agricultural machinery.
5.Economics -book -keeping and audit , modernization of economics, management in agriculture.
6. Humanistic disciplines, pedagogics, languages.
          The working languages of the conference: Uzbek, Russian
    The rules of official registration of materials of the conference ; The articles of reports with the volume of 1-4 full papers are formed on the paper of A 4format. The text must be set up in the editor Microsoft Word.The margins must be 2sm from all sides, the print Times New Roman ,the size of print -14, inter-line interal-1. Above the title of the article there is indicated YDK, then there is written the name of the article (report), semibold, capital letters in 1interval, there must be written the surname and initials of the author (s), the place of employment (full name ) in 1 more interval with the help of Tab there is put the paragraph and there is written the name of annotation (resume, abstract). In 1 interval there is given the brief content of the article in the volume of 100-120 words (the annotation must be given in the language of prepared article. After annotation, having left 1 interval , there are given key words (3-6 words) after key words there must follow the main text. The main text consists of the following parts: introduction, materials and methods, results and discussions, conclusions, references. The name of every part is singled out in the text 1 by interval and is written in semibold print.
      Introduction - there is shown the topicality of the problem, the present state, the analysis of carried out work and conditions of conducted experiments.
       Materials and methods - there is given the information about methods of conducting researches, used materials, devices and equpiment, sequence, repeatedness, place and conditions of conducting experiments.
         Results and discussions. There are set forth the results and their analysis obtained by the author (s)
         The rules of preparing scientific articles and mentioned above order are ascertained according to international requirements (see www. Elsevier.com/locate/still)
          The materials of reports must be topical, coorespond to the theme of the conference and have the scientific practical significance. The text materials together with the act of examination in 2 copies in printed form together with electronic variant (by E-mail by E-mail address This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it ) must be presented to the organizational committee of the conference ,till the 20 th of October 2012. The materials of authors, participating in the conference which answer the requirements will be published in separate collection.The organizational committee leaves the right to reject the materials which are not corresponded to the themes and are arranged without observing the rules.
            The reports are conducted with the help of presentations, prepared by the authors according to the programm Power Point.
           The cost of the publication is 8000 sums per a page.
Those who wish to participate in the work of the conference must present the information about himself by E-mail address This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it or organizational committee
The application for the partiticipation
in the intertational scientific -practical conference «The problems of inculcation of innovational technologies in agriculture »
Sunname, name and patronymic (in full ), the scientific degree and rank
The position.
The organization
The postal address with index
Tel fax E-mail
The need for hotel
The trend of the report (on the plenary session and in the section)
The trend of the problem for discussion.
The name of the report.
            Surname, name and patronymic of co-authors, date, signature
The address for additional information. 703003 Samarkand Mirzo Ulugbek street, 77, the main building of Samarkand agricultural institute, the 2-floor, 77-study. The centre of scientific and practical researches (A.Xushvaqtov) tel/fax (8366) 234-19-33,234-07-86
              E-mail address This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it The announcements and other additional information will be announced on the site of sam.agricultural institute (http: //samqxi.uz)




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