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Friday, 24 January 2020
Reyting system
Reyting system

The usage of Rating system

The Republic of Uzbekistan

The Ministry of water and agriculture

Samarkand Agricultural Institute.

“Approved ”

The rector professor

_____ T. E. Ostonokulov


About  Rating system of knowledge of the students of Samarkand Agricultural Institute


Samarkand 2010

 In 2010 year on the 25th of August confirmed order 333 by The High and special Ministry of the Republic of Uzbekistan and in 2010 year on the 26th of August registrated order   1981-1 by The Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan “The Statue about controlling and rating (rating) system of knowledge of students are reprepared and innovate changes and used as a main document of our Institute The Statue was rethought by Central-methodic Council and was suggested in September in 2010 year.
About  rating  rating  and controlling system of knowledge of the Students of Samarkand Agricultural Institute.
 The following statue  was confirmed by The Ministry of High and Secondary Education in 2009 year on the 11th of June in order 204 and in 2009 year on the 10th of June in Order 1981 was registrated by The Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan
 According to commission The Ministry of High and secondary Education of The Republic of Uzbekistan in 2010 year on the 25th of August in order 333 was involved changes and registrated in 2010 year on the 26th of August in order 1981-1 by The Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan
   This Statue controlling rating knowledge of students of High Education according to the Law on Education(in 1997year the article 9, the article 225)and “The National program on training personnel”( in 1997year the articles  11-12   295) and The Cabinet of Ministry In 2001 year on the 16th of August Order343 “Confirming Education standards of High Education”(Law documents of the Republic of Uzbekistan, in 2001 15-16 articles 104)
    General rules
    Preparing  compatible  specialists according to the controlling the knowledge of students and rating on rating system.
    The main tasks of rating system:
a)According to the State Education Standards  controlling and discussing degrees of knowledge and practice of students.
b) According to the State Education Standards to rating knowledge of students in concrete, honestly and comfortable ways.
v)To organize getting knowledge by students in time and systematic way.
g) To develop practice on self-training work and to organize frequently usage of information recourse centers.
d) To evaluate knowledge of students honestly and declare them in time.
y) To prepare students knowledge complex and long learning about subjects
.j) To give opportunity of using computer technologies during the study.
    Evaluating knowledge of students about subjects  according to the rating-table and evaluating  system.
II.  The types of controlling and the orders of it`s organization
4. The types of controlling and the orders organized by invitation of chair of department and in every instructions of subject are showed with types of seminars
5. Information about controlling rating -tables the type of control work form number and maximum ball are declared to the students.
6. According to the State Education standards the degree of students knowledge and assimilation of subjects  are checked by the following control papers:
  Running check(monitoring)- The method of checking the knowledge and degree of student on subject topics.
 Running check  can be conducted with seminar, laboratory, oral answers  in seminar,  tests,  debate,  control work,  colloquium,  checking hometasks  and others.
 Interval control-check – Students after finishing one unit (including some themes )during the semester checking-type the knowledge and degree of practice. Interval control-check must be not more than two times a semester and according to the general hours types of control work can be written test oral and others
  Final rating- the rating type the knowledge of students  at the end of semester.  Final rating mainly consist of key-words and phrases.
  According to the education direction and specialists some subjects can be checked another forms as oral, test and etc not more than 40% subject s in Scientific Council.
 7. Interval control- check periodically can be controlling by chair of department commission , if they will find any disorder of process, interval control-check will cancel and repast once more.
8. The leaders of High Education establishment with Inside controlling – monitoring department the process of final-rating periodically can be  controlled by special commission, if they will find any disorder of process,  final rating will cancel and repast once more.
 9. At the end of academic –year according to the results of rating students will pass to the next course.
 III.  The order and  balance of rating
 10. The knowledge degree of students of each subject express by balls.
11. The  knowledge level of students are marked by 100 ball system on each subject.
These 100 ball system divided into the following ways:
   Final rating is 30 ball. Running check and interval control-check are – 70 ball (according to the features 70 ball  divided by chair into running and interval control-check.
12. 70 ball  of running and interval control-check under The Order of Institute divided into 30 ball for running check and 40 ball  for interval control-check.
13.  According to the 100 ball  rating system are marked by course-work, diploma-work,  final attestation, the scientific researches of master students are put to the rating note books.
14. For the controlling the level of students recommended the following balances. a) For 86-100 ball  students must answer the following ways:
Adopt a resolution and conclusion
Able to creative thinking
Able to self-thinking
Able to use in practice getting knowledge
Able to understand main point
To know and retell
Able to imagine
b) For 71-85 balls   students must answer the following ways:
Able to self-thinking
Able to use getting   knowledge  in practice
Able to understand main point
To know and retell
Able to imagine
v) For 55-70 ball  students must answer the following ways
Able to understand main point
To know and retell
Able to imagine
g)The following ways students will mark 0-54 ball:
Don`t have imagination
Don`t  know
15. According to the example balances will take running check and interval control-check of each subject and will declare to the students
16. According  to  the example balances will take final rating rating balances and confirmed by Scientific-methodic Council of Institute and distributed to another Institutes.
17. Self-training work of students evaluate according to the running check interval control-check and final rating ball and their done work.
18. Students semester rating will find the following way:
V-general hours of subject in semester: O-the level of knowledge in ball:
19. According to the running check and interval control-check 55% will pass ball and if students take less than 55% they will not enter to final rating. According to the running check and interval control-check if students take 55%  or more they will enter to final rating.
20. General ball  of students consists of each of control rating ball. Time-period of control types:
21. Interval control check and final rating let pass according to the dean`s rating system .Final rating let pass at the end of semester during two weeks.
22. Student must hand over course-work on subject until generalizing of all balls.
23. If students get not enough ball  from running check and interval control-check  and if student has excusable reason and couldn`t  take part in examination will be given time-period until  the next examination or control work. The student who couldn`t take part the lessons control works by order the dean of faculty the student can be allowed to pass exams during two weeks.
24. If student will take less 55% grade from exams he will be academic debtor At the end of semester of Medical  Institutes if student will take less than minimum grade of exams will be academic debtor.
  At the end of semester will be given a month for repast the exams for academic debtor .During the test by order of faculty dean and rector will be removed
25. If student don`t agree with the results after declaring of results during a day may submit an application to the dean of faculty . Then dean will give report to rector and by the order of rector more than three participants  of appeal commission   

Note(Mark) and analyze the totals results.

27.      The Collected balls of the student on subject over completion(ending)finishing) of the semester is registered in . In the general scholastic hours put in the row of the credit card.  "Got(Received) estimations must  be put under 100 ball systems. The Low balls are not put into the credit card.

28.      The Totals intermediate checking is registered in the credit card and this day announced .

29.      On total of the checking(supervision) teacher elaborates the rating and fills the necessary rows

30.      The Rating of the student defines his(its)(his) knowledges , experience(experiment) and skills. The General rating is defined at the end of the results..

31.      The General rating of the student is declared at the end of the year.

32.      Appendix of diploma and academic information are arranged by deanery and longed several semesters. The Red diploma of the student is defined  total adopted by the last results.

33.      The Got(Received) balls put into memory of the computer of the pulpit, deanery, scholastic-methodical division and analyzed.

34.      Total and intermediate checking are discussed in meeting(assembly) of the faculty, pulpits and taught advice and remove necessary.                                 

The Total rules


35.  The Ministry of the education and Test centre of the Republic Uzbekistan gives us   exact and equitable balls

36. Situations for discussion on charter(statute) dare.       

37.Next  charter(statute) was contracted by Ministry of the Formation Test center.

              the rum, Ministry of the Public health ,Ministry rural and water

              the facilities, Ministry of culture and sport to academies art(trick) ,Ministry

              the external deals Ministry relationship(communication) and communication              agency., Tax inspection and Metallurgical combine(integrated plant).


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