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Sunday, 19 January 2020
The Instruction(Manual) for students

The Instruction(Manual) for students

We begin (start; commence) since the first day

1.During study the knowledge, the experience(experiment) and skills must(shall) be learned.

2.The Books, work with the source, write the themes , to work hard and make up decision

3. Develop independently, psychological condition(state), send(transmit; transfer; issue; hand over to) their own thoughts clearly and perfectly.4 Arouse in itself feeling of responsibility (ability) to social activity and education.5. Morally firm, well-mannered and physically ready. Dispose (Locate) the following calls of the president I.A.KARIMOV in (to; at) shower:

- Each(Every) inhabitant of our native land(motherland) must(shall) connect  its fate with a Native land(Motherland) and must(shall) fight and love it with all his heart.

- whole its power he must(shall) return for Native land(Motherland) and for its future.- Keep our native land(motherland) and raise it highly. Execute(Accomplish) before native land(motherland) human and civil duty.

Given book or collection of lectures for present-day help to hear the secrets to book-keepings Read it attentively and remember(memorize).
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