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Sunday, 19 January 2020
The centre of improving and qualification and re-fresher
The centre of improving and qualification and re-fresher
 Head of the Center : PhD. SH Sciences . S. Zhumaboev .
Methodist of the Center : V. Zhamoliddinova
Secretary of the Center: D.Abdulkasimova
During the period of economic reforms in the Republic of great practical importance is the training of leading cadres of agricultural production : Professionals professorial - teaching staff of higher education institutions and introducing them to new achievements in science and technology , as well as providing practical assistance for the implementation of these achievements into production . The Group is currently the Institute attaches great importance to the work center training and retraining. During the period of economic reforms changing forms of leadership farms , increase the efficient use of senior staff and experts of science and advanced technology is urgent requirement of today .
     Work to improve the skills of the faculty of the Institute is carried out in collaboration with other higher education institutions , research and training institutes . Each time a contract drawn up by the joint development program with TashSAU , Viil at Tashkent State Technical University , the National State . Universities TashGUFK , SSU, TDIU , TIMI , Samis .
     Under these treaties, for 3 years and 226 professors - teachers of our institute will be a refresher course . Including 101 people by teaching techniques in UIIP 6 people in SamIIYa , 19 people in 23 people in the SSU TashSAU , 2 persons in the TIMI 20 people in the Samis . The fund of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan "Iste'dod" will be a refresher course 11 people , including four vice-rector of the institute, 7 professors .
     In order to study the decrees of the President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov "Our strategic purposes - Modernization of the state and the creation of civil society" 16 professors and lecturers of the Institute participated in a seminar organized in the SSU .
      During Samarkand OUMTV training purposes professorial faculty use of the Internet and learning foreign languages English rector orders number 314 of 18.12.2010 was organized 2 -week study skills professorial faculty of the Institute during the winter break students. As part of organized groups of 12 240 people professorial faculty learning , improved their diskatsiyu .
     During the last 3 years by order of the Minister of Higher Education 7 Vice Deans upgraded their qualifications OUMKHTRM .
    Currently being further developed international cooperation professorial faculty of the Institute with leading universities in developed countries. In particular established cooperation with leading universities LOGO Germany ( agricultural and ecological balance in Eastern Europe) University of California USA, Banha University of the Republic, Egypt as well as with leading universities in India , Belgium, Russia and China. During 2009-2012, 32 people . professorial teaching staff increased training in their specialty in the developed world .
    In pursuance of the municipality of Samarkand region 03/2-174 « On further development in the field of fisheries and beekeeping industries " , the institute organized training courses fish heads (49 people) and beekeeping (30 persons ) households .
     By order of the Minister of Agriculture and Water Resources of the Republic of Uzbekistan 44 dated March 7, 2011 from February 16 to December 30, 330 technicians osemenatorov of Bukhara, Navoi , Samarkand, Kashkadarya and Surkhandarya regions were trained in refresher courses .
    In order to further development of poultry , fish farming and bee-keeping and management development hanging poultry, fish ( 49 people ) , and beekeeping, farms together with the Municipality of Samarkand region March 5, 2011 was organized and conducted a joint training seminar .
      Compiled on the basis of an agreement with the regional police department for the past 3 years have improved their qualifications 35 doctors of veterinary service specialization - cynology , such as veterinarians Cynology border troops and four people from the customs service.
      By order of the Minister of Higher and Secondary Special Education of number 124 of 28 March 2011 on the organization of training of teachers and trainers specialized secondary educational institutions for the institute has secured five groups of teachers of secondary specialized colleges of agricultural areas .
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