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Sunday, 26 January 2020
The types of contracts

View of agreements

Labour  contract


1. Samarkand  Agricultural  Institute

Rector________________________________(person, individual, later named "Employee" made agreement about this)

2.Staff_______________________________________________________________                                                                     (administration , centre,  service,     name)

______________________________________________________ was received   in a post of____________________________________________________

3. Agreement appeared agreement for main work

4. Types of agreement                                                                                                                                                           (appointed period, in appointed period )

5. Time of act of agreement                                                                                                                                        beginning____________________________________________________                                                                             end_________________________________________________________

6.Period of probation (Without probation , sequel  of period of probation)

7. The obligation of staff                                                                                                                                                             a) Labour and observance technological discipline (internal regulation orders,                                Regulations, regulations about discipline.)

b) Execute legal degrees of employee.

c) Labour  protection, industrial employee safety and  observe demands of production sanitatation.

d) Keep post instruction.

e) Keep qualification obligations by KS ETKC mind.   

 f) Keep code of laws and normative.

g) Keep to sphere agreement conditions

h) Worker must pay directly real harm (according to MK 198 paragraph Republic of Uzbekistan)

i) Directly worker entrust expensive thing keep provide with being complete material responsible (according to MK 203 part Republic of Uzbekistan)

8. The obligation of employer

a) Organize labour of worker, to account worker with technical safety, the rules of protection labour, post`s direction, collective agreement and measure documents.

b) To provide labour and discipline produce

c) To create safe and fruitful labour conditions, to teach the staff in a safe conditions of labour and give direction.

c) Technical security and to equip the place of work with advisable way of rules of protection of labour.

d) Keep code of laws and normative evidences.

e) Keep sphere agreement terms.

f) Another responsibilities be given by employer.

9. International labour discipline rules according to work day discipline.

10. Labour payments:  Labour commitments must be realized to full deputy staff followings

a) Payments __________________________________________

     (Payment and ETC discharge showed exact quantity)

b) According to laws in practice and normative evidences qualification payments, rewards        

) means with the sphere agreement terms, and permit right and measured capitals by manager side additions, qualification payments, compensations  and stimulate the interest of kind another  payments.

11. Appropriate to sphere agreement  every year to be given holiday with paid for  labour.

12. Payment and  labour agreement  speciality, social protection privileges , guarantees connected with another terms  of labour contract.

13. Changing of agreement terms.

A day  when agreement changed.

Which item of agreement carry in changing.

Change's come in force day or its act day.

Sides addresses and sighns.

Staff:_________________________                                     Employee : Ostonakulov T.E.                                                ______________________________                                   Adress:  Samarkand city.                                                                               Adress:________________________                                                  street  M.Ulugbek   77.                                                 ______________________________    

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