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Sunday, 26 January 2020
At the faculty of economics and management


Doctor of economical sciences, professor

He was born on the 20th of April, 1940 in Gijduvan district of Bukhara region. In 1964 he graduated from Samarkand Agricultural Institute,  zooengineering faculty. In 1971 he defended the candidate's dissertation on the theme: "The economical effectiveness of basic production funds in Karakul sheep- breeding" and he was given the scientific degree of candidate of economical sciences. In 1989 he defended the doctor's dissertation on the theme: "Economical problems of the development of karakul sheep- breeding in Uzbekistan" and in 1990 he got the degree of professor. In 1988-1998 he worked as ahead of the chair "The organization and planning production". Since 1990 he has the scientific degree of professor.

F. Juraev delivers lectures for bachelors on such subjects as: "The organization f production at agricultural enterprises and for masters- "Business plan of agricultural enterprises", "New and economical technologies", ‘The organization of the activity of the infrastructure of agroindusrtial complex", and in 2004 he published the text-book for the students of higher educational institutions "The organization of production at agricultural enterprises". Besides, he is the author of 12 sample programs, 17 educational -methodic manuals and a lot of methodic recommendations.

Nowadays professor F. Juraev is working at the problems of organization of production at agricultural enterprises and raising the effectiveness of entire mechanisms of conducting the farm and published 2 monographs and more than 90 scientific articles.

There were suggested the recommendations on the raising the effectiveness of production at agricultural enterprises and namely in karakul sheep-beeding.

Under the supervision of F. Juraev there were defended 3 candidates' and 9 master's scientific works and now F. Juraev is the member of specialized council on defending of candidate's dissertation at Samarkand Institute of Economy and Service.



Doctor of economical Sciences, professor

He was born in 1952 in Djambay district of Samarkand region. In 1976 he graduated from Tashkent Institute of Nationl Economy (now Tashkent State University of Economy) with excellent diploma.

Doctor of economical sciences, professor. The head of the chair of economics and management of agriculture.

He has published 162 scientific and methodic works, among them 2 text-books (Economics of Agriculture T: "Moliya" 2003 and 2005 ), 2monographs (The problem of raising the effectiveness of agricultural complex T: "Fan", 2005) and "The strengthening the relations between branches of Cotton-production complex"T: "Fan",2011), 1 educational manual, 8 methodic manuals and 27 scientific articles and 6 of them abroad, 49 thesises of conferences.

O. Murtazaev was a scientific worker of the scientific-research institute of Labour, in 1988-1992 the assistant of the chair of "Economical theory" of Samarkand Agricultural Institute, in 1992-1994-assistant, docent of the chair "Economics and management", in 199701998- the deputy dean of the faculty of "Economy", in 1998-2004 - the dean of the faculty of "Economy and management" and from 2006 up to present he has been working as a head of the chair "Economics and management of Agriculture".

o. Murtazaev organized 2 computer classes for bachelors and masters. He achieved it being a participant and direct supervisor of Join-master programme in Agricultural management tempus project  jep 2225067-2004 and Vaynshefan university in Germany (Fachhochscule) on the improvement of educational programmes of Samarkand Agricultural Institute and a number of higher educational institutions of Uzbekistan in connection with TEMPUS programme of the Europen Community as a winner of KOXRAN programme grant he visited the Devis University in state California in the USA to master his qualification.

Among his students there are winners of the Republics science Olimpiads, inseribed grants and candidate for international grants.

As a result of inculcating into practice of his scientific work on the theme: "The methodological questions of effectiveness of cotton-production" it is expected to get 287mln sums of profit.

Under his supervision there were prepared 2 candidate's, 8 master's and more than bachelor's works. Nowadays he is a supervisor of 3 postgraduate students and 4 scientific researches.

At present he is working as a supervisor of the grant on the theme: "The strengthening the relations between branches of cotton-production complex" NQXA, 2-022 which was recognized as a winner by the center of scientific production of Uzbekistan's agriculture which is 14 mln sums worth.

Besides, he signed the corporative cooperation contract with region's farms and vocational collages 20,0 mln sums worth, there was also signed the contract with Navoi IES OAJ for 8,1 mln sums. 


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