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Wednesday, 29 January 2020
Hostel - House students.
Hostel - House students.


    Hostel number 1 Samarkand Agricultural Institute, capacity - 350 seats was built in 1978-1979. In the hostel there are all conditions for a meaningful leisure time students. This helps them to the following centers:

    "Resident spirituality" (head Urazbayeva Shirin), "Experts" (leader 2nd year student of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Animal Science and Karakul Ongolbekov P) "Club debates" (head R.Ganzhiev), "Council of Senior groups" (head student third economics faculty K.Hudoyberdiev. During the first student dormitory to improve living conditions and leisure students have different circles: Scientific Circle (head N.Ruzikulov), "Zulfi Daughters" (Dzh.Sayfiddinova chairwoman), a circle of artistic creation (head A. Abdullayev), sports circle, circle checkers and chess (A.Tuvalov), table tennis circle (T.Pronina) circle Kurash (A.Berdiyarov). mentor students living in a dorm is an assistant professor D.E.Eshimov. On Each floor of the hostel there are lounges with a TV, chess, checkers and other games. On the third floor of the hostel is a reading room information resource center. (Sh.Urazbaeva). On each floor there is a teacher and student, parents' room. Downstairs is "Center for the Study of Languages" (head M.Kamolov) department spirituality and education (D.Daminov), "Kamolot" (B.Tashbaev). At the hostel has all the conditions for a healthy lifestyle and a great student learning.

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