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Sunday, 19 January 2020
The center of information-technologies
The center of information-technologies
 The center of information technologies.
Candidate of technical sciences, associate professor, head of the center.
Contact information:
Samarkand, Uzbekistan.
Tel/+8366 2340100
fax: +998662340787
Reception days: Every day at 15:00 - 17:00.
For the purpose of widespread adoption into the educational process the computer
technologies  in 1997 in Samarkand Agricultural Institute “The Test Centre” was opened
 and organized. In this centre the program of taking test on computer was elaborated.

In 1997-2002 in the computer centre the base of test questions and answers on many
 disciplines was created , and also certification for tests for students of all faculties was spent. Later, this department was renamed into «the Center of Information Technology».
 In this centre now there are  two branches  «Information and technical maintenance” and
“Adoption of educational visual aids and their program training».
The centre is headed by Cand.Tech.Sci., senior lecturer Ismail Abruev who is working on 0,5rate .

 Also in the centre work:
 Murodov Kodir - the Chief of department of the software,
 Eshonkulov Yolkin - the engineer -programmer (1,5 rates)
 Kenjaboev Abdumalik - the programmer
 Gaybarova Laylo - the technician.
 Kurbanova Nigina - the system programmer, (0,5 rates).
 Uzakov Erkin Panzhievich - the engineer-programmer
 Kiselyov Sergey - the administrator of a local network

The regulations of the center of information technologies under Samarkand agricultural Institute.

The main rules.
The center of information technologies was founded on the basis of the 230th resolution of Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan from the 23rd  of May,2001.
The center implements are activity leaning on Constitution and its laws, on the resolutions and orders of Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan ,on  the instructions of Ministry of Agriculture and Hydro economy and also on Ministry of Higher and Secondary
Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
The activity of the center is coordinated with the rector and pro-rector on research (scientific) work.
The financial activities of the center are compensated at the expense of budget fund of the Institute. The director of the center is appointed by the rector of the Institute.
The center of information Technologies is considered as a component of Institute.

The goals and objectives of the center.
-    to support and enrich the educational process and the work of  Institute with information technologies
-    to render the practical help during the creation of electronic scientific workbooks and textbooks for distance learning students with new information technologies, and also their distribution in Internet and in international information nets
-    to organize the courses on information technologies for the purpose of rising the competence in computer skills of the professional and teaching staff, the candidates and the gifted students
-    to use directly Internet resources by teachers, researchers and the students of the Institute
-    to create imitation stands for practical and laboratory lessons through multimedia and computer network
-    to render practical help for creation of programs for virtual labs
-    to create and adopt the different programs
-    to create computer networks
-    to carry out the distribution on information through connection techniques, such as: Internet, e-mail, modem, link and etc.
-    to carry out the work on information technologies with the institutes of higher education of the Republic and foreign institutes for a scientific research work using Internet for work in international cooperation, to set the work on establishment of international connections with foreign institutes up to the mark
-    to activate the educational process, to lead its computerization, to lead centralized operation on the creation of (one) information center for the control of quality of given lessons with the help of distance learning
-    to renew the important technical tutorial and equipments satisfying the modern requirements
-    to adopt new information technologies in the system of higher education
-    to create the database and always refresh it
-    to intensify the work on addition of all faculties, chairs and departments to the main nets
-    to create Web side of the Institute and opportunely refresh it with new information
-    to create web pages of customers, software, to improve the computer engineering and activate paid services
-    to lead monitoring on the knowledge control of students
-    to participate in social events organized by the Institute
-    to make a proposal to Institute scientific- methodological council for improving the activity of the center in information process and for distance learning
-    to adopt in proper order into educational net the news on information technologies, e-variants of workbooks
-    to create the sectors of rendering paid services to artificial and natural person on usage of information technologies for distance learning, for the learning computer, Internet and e-mail for implementation of purposes of regulations consistent with the law of the republic of Uzbekistan
-     to establish connections with another institutes and foreign universities to organize and participate in meetings with them for the purpose of the development of center activity on information technologies

The personnel staff of the center of information technologies

The center of the information technologies consists of two branches:
1)  “Information and technical maintenance”
2) “Adoption of educational visual aids and their program training».
There are nine staff units in the center:
two heads of branches, three engineer-programmers, one engineer of electronics, one administrator of a computer class, one system programmer and one technician.

The duties and rights of the responsible people of the computer complex.
1)    The operator of the computer class and another responsible people are charged of computer equipment and software support and also labour discipline, furniture condition and cleanness of the computer classrooms.
2)     The work fulfilled on the computers in these rooms is entrusted to an operator or to another responsible people by their own informed consent.
3)    To the responsible people of computer classes complex for misconduct the discipline measures will be accepted under the regulations and the order of the rector.
4)    The responsible people of computer complex must know how to use, restore, install the software supply.
5)    They also must know how to secure the contents of a program against computer  viruses.

The rules of computer complex usage.

1)    the compulsory condition for the teacher in computer class is his presence.
2)    The students are allowed to use the materials which are in the plan of the current lesson.
3)    It is prohibited to use extraneous technical facilities (CD-disk, flash driver etc.) without  the permission of an operator
4)    For misconduct in computer classes and for brought damages as breakdown of furniture or equipment the responsibility and payment for damaged furniture, repairing, exchange, restoration carries guilty person
Extraneous visual and technical objects will be confiscated

The obligations of the center
-    to lead one technical policy in informing in the institutes of higher education
-    to adopt new information technologies in educational process
-    to show and carry out qualitative and guaranteed activity
-    to keep in secret classified information
-    to enrich material-technical database and equipments

The primary goals of the centre
-to adopt information technologies in the work of  the Institute
-to show technical help in adoption of information technologies into educational process
- to control the technical condition of available computers of the Institute  and to enrich them  by modern technical equipments
- to support the computers by the modern programmes suitable to the call of the times
-to provide the work of local Institute networks
-to automatize the resource base of educational process of the Institute
-to enrich the educational information resources of  ZiyoNet by information
-opportunely  receive and bring to administration’s notice the e-documents from superior organizations
-opportunely deliver e-documentation to e-addressees
-progressively refresh the passport of the Institute in the  portal of Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education 
-to create and refresh the web site of the institute
-to supply the fruitful usage of Internet by teachers, students and staff of the Institute.
-to organize the effective usage of computer technologies in educational process
-to create e-variants of textbooks ,manuals and adopt them into educational process
-to supply the safety of information

At the  institute there are more than 200 computers, and the main part of which is directly
used in the educational process. Also 10 computer classes are working at the institute. 120 computers have the Institute local communication and directly linked to Internet. They are used by the students, post-graduate students, candidates, professor-teachers and staff.
In audio-video equipped classes the lessons are conducted with the help of modern
pedagogical techniques.
During some years in the center of information technologies the course of computer
operators is functioning.
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