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Sunday, 19 January 2020
The center of information-educational resources
The center of information-educational resources
Director of  Information Resource Center
Toshmanov Hasan Nomozboyevich
was born on the 26th of February 1987,
 in Gulistan village,Payarik, Samarkand region.

He graduated Tashkent State Institute of Culture
named after Abdulla Kodiriy in 2012.
From 10th of July 2012 til now he has been working
as a director of Information Resource Center of
Samarkand Agricultural Institute.
The scientific library of Samarkand Agricultural Institute was founded in 1930. At that time there were only 155 readers. In 1937 there were 627 members and 31958 book funds in the library. Scientific library was move to a new modern building which consists of three floors in 1966. There are wide and light training halls, and good conditions for readers. According to the decree about “Organizing the supply of the population of the Republic of Uzbekistan with information library ” which was signed by President Islam Karimov on the 20th  of June,2006, the library was founded as an “Information Resource Center”.
To enrich the books fund tries according to the demands for books of students the Institute. Reserve books consists of  571588 copies. New literature is 1825copies.The value of journals and magazines are about10459276 sums.

General political-50120
Scientific- 179193
There are 6 departments and 4 sectors which belong to the departments. These departments serve all types of readers, students, post-graduates, professors and teachers. There are following departments and sectors in the center.


1. Department of receiving, completing and catalogue
2. Department of marketing and Information Service
 3. Department of Information technology
4. Department of Scientific-methodical
 5. Department of saving funds
6. Department of literatures and electronic information resource service


1.    Sector   subscription of the first lecture hall
2.    Sector   subscription of the second  lecture hall
3.    Sector   subscription of distributions  literary books
4.    Sector   subscription of  distribution current press
5.    Sector subscription of literatures in foreign languages
6.    Spirituality and Education room

The total number of readers, according to the subscription of readers, are about 89514 in 2012
From them:
The number of intramural students-3980
The number of master students.-85
Postgraduates and researchers-22
Professors and teachers-300
The number of employees-643
Teachers among libraries-980
Training assistents-81

 The Center workers always try to find new methods of search for servicing to readers. For examples, the students who were admitted to the institute in 2012 is very comfortable method for all students and center workers.
Having begun new academic year, all students are supplied with new textbooks and training handbooks by the confirmed decrees ant tables of faculties. Not only students, teachers and workers of our Institute can use the center funds but also other institutes students, scientific organizations, college workers and workers from some different regions can also use our Center as funds. 500 (five hundred) copies of books are submitted to the “Karmat” program in 2012
The Department of Information Technology
Nowadays, the main task is, increasing  the numbers of computers, preparing electronic versions of rare literature which consists of 6051 copies.

1.    Textbooks-2469
2.    Training handbooks-2522
3.    Multimedia-21
4.    Text of the lectures-899
5.    Laboratory Exercises-140

4800 of them were prepared in Cyrillic letters, 1141 of them were prepared in Latin letters, and 110 of them were prepared in Russian language.
There are 8065 readers, 2314 of them are teachers and 5751 of them are students.
37634 electronic literatures were given. 11572 of them are used by teachers and postgraduates, 26062 of them are used by students.
There are 46 modern computers, 1 copy machine, 2 printers, 2 scanners, a cutter, a laminator, a type recorder, a video-recorder, and a TV in the Information Resource Center. There are two computer rooms in the Center. There are 10 computers in the first computer class, and there are 12 computers in the second computer class. The database about the new literatures,  subscriptions were input in one of them. There are 403 electronic books about business, humanitarian, social, natural, technology and medical subjects.
20 computers were placed in the training hall of the Information Resource Center in 2012, and they were connected to Internet, and they had been working at “Karmat” programm.

Subscription service among centers

This sector services in the scale of Samarkand region. It is busy with receiving orders, and by this order sending books. The literatures are given by the documents for host readers. Total 632 are given to 254 readers. The main part of readers are students.
The information Resource center has been achieved following awards till this day.
1.    It was awarded with I degree Diploma for active participating to the community parade of Whole Union and for the well organized work of the library. Moscow.
2.    Awarded with honorary Certificate by the Ministry of Agriculture in 1981, Moscow.
3.    Awarded with honorary Certificate by the Ministry of Agriculture in 1978, Moscow.
4.    Awarded with I degree Diploma as a winner of the parade of library activity.
5.    Awarded with Diploma for good results in the parade of Whole union by the Republic Organizational Committee, Samarkand.
6.    Awarded with Diploma as a winner of the parade of the Republic Committee of Trade Union of Culture workers. Uzbekistan.
7.    Awarded with Diploma for good results by the committee of the Republic, Samarkand.
8.    The Ministry of Culture of Uzbekistan and Republic Committee of labour union of culture awarded the scientific
library of Samarkand Agricultural Institute with Diploma in the Republic competition. Uzbekistan.
Director of the library N.Khodjakulova and Methodist G.Abdurakhmanova have  impoved their experiences by the project of Tasis-Tempus in 2001, Vice director of the library E.Kah and operator G. Sanaev improved their experiences in the University of Hoehenhaem in Germany, in 2002.
At first, they met Mr.Hortsmann the director of Central library of Hoehenhaem University.Mr.Hortsmann introduced them with the all important books,   journals and priceless national treasures.
They got information during four days from Mr.Apple on the topic “Electronic catalogue of Internet”.
Taking in consideration the modern requirements of improving the system of library organization for the growing intellectual needs of the young generation we need to establish principally more information centers for keeping the cultural, spiritual, moral wealth and also for making the important conditions for supplying the people with wider and systemized information.
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