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Sunday, 19 January 2020
Educational methodic department
 Educational-methodic department.
Ruzikulov Rakhmatullo Fayzullaevich.
Candidate of  Veterinary sciences.
He head of Educational-methodic department
Contact information:
Ruzikulov Rakhmatillo
Mirzo Ulugbek-77,140108
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it
The educational-methodic department is one of the main departments in the structure of the Institute, which organizes the educational process, plan educational-pedagogical, organizational-methodic works and carries out the control over their fulfillment.
Bachelor’s of 17 educational trends and masters of 8 specialities are trained at the institute. In2012-2013 academic year there was organized the admission to 14 bachelor’s trends of education and 7 specialities of master’s course.

At the institute there are 5 educational buildings, 174 lecture rooms and halls,29 educational laboratories, 12computer classrooms, 1hot house, 1 vivarium, 2 educational museums, 1 experimental field plot (20m2),45ha of experimental-training farm, Information Resource center for 120 seats and its 5 territorial branches and all of them are in the disposal of students.
The main task of this department is to supply the educational process with legal-normative documents.

The teaching-staff of the basic educational trends and their educational specialities such as: “Veterinary”, “Zootechnics” and “Professional training “Veterinary and zootechnics)” elaborated state testing standards, educational plans and subject programs and they were confirmed by the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education. So they are applied in the educational process of the institute and related Higher Educational Establishments.

In 2012-2013 academic year the students of the 3rd-4th years are taught according to the state Educational Standards and model plans confirmed on the 24th of June, 2008 (order #191) by the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education and the 1-2 year bachelors and masters are taught on the base of order #387 from 16th of September,2011. On the base of these state Educational Standards and educational plans there were elaborated the schedules, working educational plans and qualification practice plans.

At the Institute there are taught 340 subjects and there were elaborated their educational plans, and on the base of them there were created working plans, educational-methodic complexes and they are placed on the special shelves of the institute’s information-resource center in paper and electronic variants (compact disks).

According to recommendations of the Ministry educational-methodic complexes are prepared in 20 items (the 21stitem is included as a scientific, educational and practice novelties by the institute) and they are included into the programs of computer classes of IRC in the form of hyper address.
At the institute during the educational process the exchange of letters among 4 faculties and 20 chairs on the net base. There is supplied the conformity of the schedule of educational process and the time-table of lessons and fulfillment of 1540hours of work of professor-teachers.
The attendance of the students is checked in the form of daily monitoring and discussed at the faculty and institute activists’ meetings and the results of semester and academic year are analysed and discussed at the institute academic board.
More than 300 professor-teachers (258 of them are in the main staff) 22 doctor of sciences-professors, 139 candidates of sciences docents teach the students of the institute.

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