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Friday, 24 January 2020
The centre of scientific and practical researches
 The department of scientific and practical researches.
Hushvaktov Abduvali Amirovich.
Candidate of Agricultural Sciences.
 The organization and generalization of scientific and practical researches, the organization of employment of the results of researches in educational process and production, the realization of scientific researches on grants of the Republic of Uzbekistan and international grants, the improvement of the indicators of quality of scientific potential and research works, the organization of marketing service on the results of scientific- research works are carried out at the centre.

The center fulfils the following tasks:
-    to improve the scientific and scientific-pedagogical potential of the institute to meet the standards of international requirements;
-    to participate successfully in competitions on fundamental, practical and innovational projects
-    to employ the completed scientific-research works in production.
-    To co-operate with international scientific organizations leading oreign universities and higher educational and scientific-research institutions of our Republic
-    To organize and coordinate the scientific-research works at the institute.
During the years of Independence there were published 180 monographs,180 text-books,1026 teaching aids, 126 patents,36 author’s certificates, 8244 scientific articles and thesises (among them 1188 at the international conferences, at the conferences of the Republic,5670).Especially during the last 5 years the quality of scientific work has considerably improved. About 40 completed scientific works are employed in production. At present time on the base of 13 production researches there were fulfilled 485mln sums worth scientific works 5mln sums worth economic contracts and 152mlnsums worth innovational projects were carried out, average 1 professor-teacher fulfils 1mln 681sums worth scientific research works.

Today the scientific school, training senior scientific workers there is organized the training of scientific-pedagogical personnel on 13 specialities.
 At present time in connection with the transition of our country to the market economy ,there are conducted the scientific works on the following prior trends: In the field of agronomy there were worked out new technologies of grain production.
There are also conducted the researches on creation high-yield, resistant to different diseases, harmful insects, to unfavorable environment, high quality yield, meeting the requirements o industry, early maturing varieties.

In the field of animal husbandry and veterinary there are conducted the scientific –research works on prevention infectious and non-infectious diseases and their effective treatment, and on the improvement of selection and breed of animals, on anatomy, histology, physiology, pharmacology, surgery, the  technology of feeding, production of stock- breeding products and their conversion.
In the field of mechanization of agriculture there are carried out the researches on creation of frontal ploughs or smooth ploughing of soils, the process of storage of agricultural production and mechanization of their initial conversion, mechanization of technological processes in karakul sheep-breeding, to determine by spectral method toxic elements in the composition of food products, to conduct researches on elaboration of the technologies of drop watering, creation of machines for interrow works in vine-yards.

In the field of economics, there were conducted the scientific researches in book-keeping and audit, the solution of the problems of finance-credit system, on the employment of informational technologies and ECM.
The activity of the institute of senior scientific researchers.
Today at the institute there are trained highly qualified scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel on 13 specialities.

03.00.13 Physiology of man and animals
03.00.19 Parasitology
05.20.01 Mechanization of agriculture
06.01.01 General mechanization
06.01.04 Agrochemistry
06.01.05 Selection and seed-growing
06.01.09 Plant-growing
08.00.04 Microeconomics
16.00.01 The diagnosis and therapy of animals
16.00.02 Parasitology of animals, oncology and morphology
16.00.04 Pharmacology and toxicology of veterinary
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