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Sunday, 26 January 2020
Veterinary, zoo engineering and korakulsheep-breeding faculty
 Veterinary, zootechics and karakul sheep – breeding faculty
Farmonov Nizom Achilovich
The candidate of Veterinary, senior lecturer, the dean of faculty.
Connection information:
Mirzo Ulugbek – 77. 140103
Samarkand, Uzbekistan
Tel: +998662342162
Fax: +998662340786
Reception days: Every day from 15:00-till 17:00

“Veterinary, zootechics and karakul sheep-breeding” faculty prepare high qualification specialists of  bachelors and masters on all the branches  of animal-breeding, private Veterinary treatment offices, The Ministy of International Affairs, The Committee of National Security, kinologists, and Veterinary, zootechics and karakul sheep-breeding – technologists  for our boundary services. The faculty was founded in 1929. In 2004 year, on the 3rd of September The Law 415 of The Cabinet of Minister Veterinary, zootechics and karakul sheep- breeding faculty and Professional training faculty are joined into one faculty. Nowdays it has the following charis:

1.The Anatomy of animals, fiziology, surgery and pharmacology;
2.The disease of animals and parasitology;        
3. Zootechics, genetics of animals and breeding;
4.The technology of animal fodder and feeding of animals;
5.Uzbek and foreign languages;
6.Pedagogics, phychology and teaching methodics.

There are many study-clinic rooms, educational – scientific laboratories, animal-keeping vivarium, study – practical farm, educational and demonstrative museums, and drug-stores. Besides, the laboratories eguipped with modern technical means and instruments, study rooms and buildings are for students and professor-teachers.   
There are 15 doctors, professors, 46 candidate of sciences, senior lecturers, 42 teachers and assistants, a number of laboratory assistant and technologist teach the young generation.

Specialists controlled the best types of animals and birds, to defend from infections deseases, to stop their coming to our country, if suddenly it found to declare karantin and obliterate them and ensuring of population with ecological pure production of animal-breeding.

The sciences of faculty step by step work on different themes as “The treatment and protecting of animals and birds, veterinary-sanitary and animal-breeding and other problems of ecology”

As the results of scientific-researches produced different vaccines, treatment solutions, vitamins and natural mixtures, anthelmentic granulas and licking salts and they are used in practice by taking patents.
In addition, this faculty works at improving the best types of cows, which give us milk and milk-meat products. By the karakul sheep-breeding sciences made 5 factory types of sheep.
The stuff  of sciences won 5 “Grants” and done average 12 billion sum practical scientific-researches. By the Ministry of agriculture and water farm was adapted a year 1 or 2 technical features, instructions and commissions.
There is Higher Attestation Commission P120.34.02 of The Cabinet of Minister gives opportunities for defending doctor degree.
Nowdays faculty works with active students. There are 12 specialist of master and 8 specialist of doctors.
During the 80 years there are 19850 veterinary doctors 11800 zooengineers, 4050 karakul sheep-breeding high qualified specialists are not only in Republic of Uzbekistan, but they work at Russia, USA, Cuba, Egypet, Afganistan, Mongoliya, India, China, Kazakistan, Tajikistan, Kirgiziya and Turkmeniya.
Such as academics and professors of The Academy of Uzbekistan as Irgashev I.X (the late), academics Sh.A.Akmalkhanov and K.K.Karibayev, the academic  of  Institute of zoology J.A.Azimov, the former chairman of the Supreme Council professor N.M.Matchonov; The forme rectors of our Institute professor S.N.Vokhidov, professor Haitov R.X, the director of Uzbekistan Karakul sheep-breeding and desert ecology SRI Yusupov S.Yu, Uzbekistan Veterinary SRI(Scientific Research Institute) director Mavlonov S. and besides, the later professors: Narziyev D.X., Rasulov Sh.T., Raximov A.A., Mavlonov N.A., Turakulov Z.T., Uzokov Yu.Ya., Dushanov A.D., Jalilov S.Z. and others are also former students of our Institute.

The last years the professor-teachers of faculty, the dean of faculty senior lecturer N.O. Farmonov teach students according to “The Law on Education”, “The National Program on training personnel” and they prepare competable personnel in agricultural sphere. Nowdays we use modern pedogogical technologies in teaching process and prepare modern guide and educational-methodical handbooks of all subjects. By the way, at the last 10 years 14 guides, 56 educational- methodic handbooks published and introducted for students.

The professor-teachers of faculty are working according to “The Law on Education”, “The National Program on training personnel”. Every subject has it’s own system of test-reyting and used in pratice very well. There are many scholarship holders of “ President”, “Beruniy” and our students are winners of different competitions too.
There so much work done on educational, educational-methodic, scientifi-research, spiritual and enlightenment work, on Govermental veterinary sphere, and on preparing high qualification specialists on animal-breeding, on farm management and private farm management, besides, zooveterinary specialists and others.
There are so much opportunities who wants to be high qualification specialist in future.
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