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Sunday, 26 January 2020
The faculty of mechanization of agriculture and conversion of products of agriculture

The faculty of mechanization of agriculture and conversion of products of agriculture

The Dean of the faculty

Mirzo Ulug'bek -77.  140103.
Samarqand O'zbekiston.
Tel: +998662348577
Fax: +998662340786
Reception days:  Every day from 15:00 till 17:00.

 The department of “Mechanization of Agriculture” was established in 1979 at the faculty of Agronomy. The faculty of Mechanization of Agriculture was created on the base of the department in 1991. Currently the faculty is named as The faculty of Mechanization and conversion of agricultural products.  More than one thousand engineers were prepared for the past years. Those specialists are working in different regions, in various agricultural organizations, in Machine tractor parks, Agromashservis, Agromashxolding, Mevasabzavotuzumsanoatxolding associations, in joint ventures such as “SamAvto”, “Agromir”, “UzBAT”. Besides that, our graduates are working in national security service, internal affairs, especially in state automobile inspection. Some of our graduates are continuing their study and working activities in different foreign countries as USA, Holland, Russia, Germany, Japan, Ireland and others. We have following departments: 
          General Technical sciences and security of vital activity
          Usage and fixing agricultural machines
          Organization of production, storage and conversion of agricultural products
          Physics and chemistry
         There are 2 doctors of science, 27 candidates of science, 12 professors and assistants are teaching the students in the departments. 
          Faculty prepares bachelors in trends of “Mechanization of Agriculture” and “Producition, storage and technology of conversion of agricultural products”. Masters of “Mechanization of Farming” study in our faculty. All modern facilities are available for students. Currently we are preparing 677 bachelor and 6 master students. 
      Modern laboratories, classrooms, special equipped 2 computer classrooms, machine tractor pavilion, mechanic and automobile engine repairing rooms on Electro techniques, heating technology, testing of metals, livestock breeding and other subjects are available for students. Practice of students are held in “SamAvto”, “Agromir”, “Sino”, “UzBAT”, “Agromash servis”, “UzCASEService” and other manufacturing companies. More than that, there is an opportunity to practice abroad by German project grants as “LOGO”, “Bavaria”.
          A lot of job was done to present new pedagogic technologies in educational process. We are working at using T-scheme, Venn diagram, Euler people, brainstorming, IQDS (Idea, Question, Discussion, Synthesis) technologies. 
          Professors of the faculty are doing well in giving teaching materials for educational activities. For the last three years there have been published 3 textbooks, 7 teaching aids, 1 monograph, and more than thousand methodic instructions. 
          Professors of the faculty are active in doing their scientific researches. The following scientific researches were carryied out by the planned program in 2006-2010:
          “Minimum fertilization of the soil and studying technical equipment” (supervisor professor I.T.Ergashev);
          “Technology of tillage of cotton plant in inter rows and altering work forces” (supervisor professor B.U.Nurmixamedov);
          “Producing of breeding of karakul sheep and creating technical support” (supervisor professor Dj.S.Yuldashev);
          “Thechnology of preparing horticulture, grape rows and altering work forces” (supervisor professor A.T.Musurmonov);
          And the others.
        The result of researches in 2010-2013 are: one monograph, more than one hundred scientific articles were published, 6 inventions are patented, one doctor (I.T.Ergashev 2004), two candidates’ (Sh.A.Mamasov, 2005, O’.P.Boboyev, 2008) degrees are defended.
          We are ready to work in partnership at the problems of mechanization of agriculture and to carrying out educational activities on  production, storage and conversion of agricultural products, preparing a soil, creating technology of live stock breeding, modernization of karakul sheep breeding technology, improvement of pastures with the method of fitomelioration.

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