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Sunday, 26 January 2020
The faculty of economics and management
The faculty of economics and management
 Tarjimon: Davronova F.
Tel: +99893-345-83-12,  221-18-57

Faculty of economy and management
 Akhrorov Farkhad Bakhriddinovich
The candidate of economy, senior lecturer,  the dean of faculty
Connection information :
Mirzo Ulugbek -77.140103
Samarkand Uzbekistan
Tel : + 998662344433
Fax: +998662340786
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it , farhod. This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it
Reception days: Every day from  15:00 – till 17:00

     “Faculty of economics and management” is one of the significant faculty of Samarkand Agricultural Institute. Faculty was founded in 1980 and nowdays it has the following chairs:
1.    The economy of agriculture and management
2.    Book – keeping and audit
3.    High mathematics and computer technology
61 professor- teachers,   2 doctors of economy,  31 senior lecturers and candidates of sciences work there.
The head of the chair is the candidate of economy,  senior lecturer Akhrorov Farkhod Bakhriddinovich.
There are 1054 students study in specialist 5230100- Economy (agriculture), 5230900 “Book-keeping and audit”, 5240100- “The farmer management”.
During 1980-2012 years prepared more than 5000 high qualified specialists and nowdays they are working in all branches of economy in our Republic. There are the doctors of economy, professors, senior lectureres, deputies and senators of the Republic of Uzbekistan among them.
The laboratories equipped with modern technical means and instruments, study-rooms and study – buildings are working for student and teachers. There are 4 computer-rooms in faculty and all opportunities  for scientific-researches of students. There are many circles on subjects in faculty. Students take part at subject-olimpiade and they took honored places every year.
There are many scientific-research schools of professor M.X. Khusanov and O.Murtazayev on “The economy of agriculture”, professor N.S. Sanayev on “Book-keeping” and audit, professor F.J.Jurayev on “Economy of karakul sheep – breeding” , professor A.Q.Ismoilov on “The management of agricultural offices.” In addition, there are many hard-working supervisors as T.Kudratov, D.Xolboyev, P.Davronov, M. Xolmirzayev, R.Usmonov, A.Alikulov, Q.Mirzayev, D.Rahmonov, I.Salomov, H.Urdushev, M.Rahimov, I.Abruyev, Sh.Raxmonov, I.Ganiyev, Sh.Khasanov, G.Sanayev and etc.  

 The scientific-researches which done in our faculty are frequently used at one of the most important branch agro- industry.  Bisides, these years there are many guides by professor N.S. Sanayev. “Audit and control”, “Audit”, by professor A.Q.Ismoilov and O.Murtazayev “The economy of agriculture”, professor F.J. Jurayev “The foundation of production in agriculture” and others are published and frequently used at all Institutes.
“The problems of raising the effectiveness of agro-industrial complex” monograph by professor N.S. Sanayev for vocational – colleges, “Economics elaboration” by T.Kudratov (co-authorship) are published in this faculty. Besides, more than 40 reference books, monographes,  35 scientific – practical consultations, more than 400 scientific reports  are published  too.  
Achieved scientific- news are sending to the west-eastern regions, especially it helps for founding shirkat, peasant farms and for improving their economical position spent many seminars and gives advices.
    This faculty collaborate with Agricultural Academy of  Moskow, the Agricultural Omsk University, the Vegeningen University of Holland, “Vay” college of London University, The Organization SINADKO of Israel, The University Ohayo, Minnesota, Texas of USA, The JICA organization of Japan, The program LOGO of Germany and Vaynshtefen and Khoen – khaym universities. 24 professor – teachers improved the qualification in Europe and Moskow Universities. In addition, 4 young – teachers according to the Grant agricultural department of USA improved qualification for a long time. Nowdays 7 professor – teachers study at the great Universities according to the doctor degree.

     The following years about 30 students and masters have been in USA, Germany and Holland. Nowdays our 12 students study and practice at foreign countries.
    The stuff of faculty and students take part in different holidays, scientific-conferences, “Jollies and resourcefuls” competitions, sport competitions and they got honored places.
    The professor – teachers of this faculty think that their duties are to prepare the students high qualification specialists under conditions of free economy who can solve arise problems.  

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