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Thursday, 23 January 2020
The chair of physics and chemstry
Fizika va kimyo kafedrasi

 Ismailov Ermamat
Candidate of physical- mathematical sciences docent, the head of the chair

Contaet information.
Mirzo Ulugbek str  - 77 140103
Samarkand, Uzbekistan
Reception days: Every day from 15:00 till 17:00

        The chair of phegsics and chemistry
       The chair of general chemistry was founoted in 1929. Since the moment its formation such scientists worked at the chair: professor P.N.Parfenyev, professor L.N.Lapin, P.M. Faktorovich and others. Since 1937 till 1975 the chair was headed by  K.N. Arbuzov, from 1975 till 1998 by professor Sh.N.Nazaro, from 1998 till 2004 – docent E. Nasimov, from 2006 till 2011 – candidate of physical mathematical sciences E. Ismoilov. Such epperienced teachers as: Sh. Zamiliddinov, G.Z. Shamilov, D. Abaev, V. I. Shutova, A.A.Akhumova, Z.K.Boybekova, V.E.Borisov, N.E. Kudrina, Yu. P.Shalimov, H.R.Navruzov, T.Bobonazarov, N.Juraev, T.Saidmurodov, M.M.Niyazov, R.L.Ibodov, T.Usmonov, A.Karshiboev, M.Yangitoev, S.Ortikov and others worked at the chair during different years.
             The chair of physics and  was founded in 2004 at the manager of thechair was A.Davirov. Since 2012  chair has been managed by candidate of physical – mathematical sciences, docent E.Ismailov at present docents Z. Aminov, A.Davirov, E.Ismailov, N. Mamatkulov , X. Mamadiyarova, Z.T.saidmurodova, teachers I.S. Yakhshikulov, B.Ibragimov, O.Norkulov, E.Khusanov, J. Ubaydullaev, senior laborer N. Bobaeva the manager of the cabinet Ch. Sadikova are working at the chair.
          The scientific – pedagogical potential of the chair comprises 43%. There are 12 lecture and laboratory classrooms at the chair, which correspond to modern reguirements. The teachers of the chair deliver lectures and conduct practical training in backelor`s course on sush subjects as: physics, biophysics, chemistry and biochemistry of animals.
           For the last 3 years on the base of modern informationaland new pedagogical technologies there were prepared more than 1600 M.B vitual laboratory works, electronicmultimedia text – books and electronic versions of 16 basic books.
           During 2009 – 2012 professor Sh.T. Khalikulov and E.Ismailov published the book “The fundamentals of construction and employmentof hot – houses on farms”. Docent H.mamadiyorova has published the teaching aid on the subject “Unorganis chemistry” , E.Ismailov, N.Mamatkulov, G.Khojaev and N. Norboev pubished the book “Biophysics”in 2013.
            The professor – teachers`staff of the chair is carrying aut the scientific researches on the following themes: the study of electris and optical properties of some liquid and hard fodies, the getermination of some toxic microelements on different ofjects by atomic – adsorbtional method, synthetic analysis liquid complex fertilizers, the creation of harmless defoliants on the base of natrium, calium of khliorateand salts of aminogyanidine, application of sun energy in conversion of agricultural production. During the last 3 years there was published 1 teaching aid, 8 teaching – methodic recommenda tione, 63 scientific articles and 13 of them in interkational level, 40- in the Republic`s level During 2011 – 2014 the students of our institutes have accupied honaoroble 3-4 places in the Republec`s subject .
             Olimpiad among other higher educational establishments E. Ismailov haspublished more than 70 articles, 1 text – book and 14 recommendatians on physics, 1 teaching aid in local scientific journals and in journals of the nearest abroad E.Ismailov was a deputy dean on educational work of agroenginelring faculty since 1991, from 1993 till 1997 being a deputy dean of the faculty on educational department he took an active part in educational and social works at present moment E.Ismailov is the chairman of the council of tutors of the institute and the manager of the chair of physics and chemistry. He was rewarded with prizes of the institute administration, Samarkand city government for his activity in social works and successes in educational work. Z. Aminov delivers lectures and practical lessons for the students of agronomical and mechanization and conversion agricultural production faculties Z.Aminov makes reports on topicable themes at the international, Republic`s and institute scientific practical conferences and educational – methodic conferences of the institute. Z. Aminov was repeatedly rewarded by the administration of the institute for successful active participation in planned. A. Davirov – candidate of chemical since 1992 During some years he was a deputy dean of karakul – sheep – breeding faculty on sport affairs, the chairman of faculty  trade union.
           In 1987 he defended candidates dissertation on the theme “Atomic – absorbtional determination of hydro forming elements in different objects of biosphere” He has published more than 150 scientific artides in journals and collections, educational methodic manuals, 2 author`s licences and several and several articles in thesises of the Republic`s scientific congresses. Amir Davirov was repeatedly rewarded with gratuity, honorary diplomas and, messages of thanks.
           N.Mamatkulov works as a teacher of physics and biophysics at the agronomical, veterinary faculties and at the faculty of mechanization of agriculture and conversion of agricultural production. During his activity he has published more than 70 scientific and scientific – methodic works, for the last 5 years he has published about 15 scientific and scientific – methodic azticles. He take an activepart in scientific – practical conferences, educational – methodic seminars, held at the imstitute and in Republic. N.Mamatkulov was repeatedly rewarded by the administration of the institute for successful participation in planned works and social affairs. He delivers lectures and practical lessons on the base of modern informational and pedagogical technologies.
           Z.T.Saidmulodova delivers lectures and laboratory lessons on chemistry at veterinary, zootechnical and karakul sheep – breeding and mechanization of agriculture faculties. During the years of her activity she has published 60 scientific and scientific methodic works, among them  14 for the last 5 years.
          She takes an active part in scientific – practical conferences and educational – methodic seminars of the institute and the Republic. Many times she was rewarded by the administration of the institute for active participation in social and planned works of the institute. In 2001 she defended candidates dissertation. At present she is continueing her scientific work .
          H.Mamadiyarova has published  60 scientific – methodic articles. In 2007 she published the translated from Russian into Uzbek teaching aid “Chemestry for teachers, repetitors and university entrants ”. In 2009, having got a GRIF of  the ministry of Higher Education, she published the teaching aid “Inorganic chemistry” for students of agricultural institute. In 2010 there was published the teaching aid “Inorganic chemistry” for students of all higher educational establishments and colleges, studying at the trend “agrochemistry” and “seilscience”. Mamadiyarova is one of the teachers, who constantly works at herself. She pays much attention to training qualified specialists. She takes an active part in social works of the institute and the Republic. In 2012 – 2013 the teaching aid “Inorganic chemistry” was recognized as the best text – book of the year.

The system of education of the chair.

              The lectures, determined in educational plans are composed in conformity with State standards of higher education, practical, laboratory and also other types of lessons are conducted at high theoretical, scientific – methodic and professional level. There are elaborated educational programs and they are confirmed in definite order and there are prepared conclusions and review for educational programs, prepared at one – profile chairs. Besides, the chair is busy  with preparing and work with gifted students.

Perspective plans of the chair.

             The continuation of publishing and writing text – book and teaching aids on such subjects sa: to supply the system of electronic text – book, new pedagogical with modern information technologies and virtual laboratories, to conduct scientific work on the following themes: the study of optical and electrical properties of some liquid and hard bodies, the study of synthesis and analysis and application active, physiological substances, applied in agriculture, attraction of gifted students and teach them effectively, preparing electronic books, virtual and teaching aids together with colleges and academic lyceums; periodically conduct conversations, lectures, propagate the advanced achievements of districts and regions of our Republic; to instill info the mentality of the youth the national idea and patriotism, to form high moral culture of student; to conduct uninterrupted educational spiritual work on the protection of young generation from harmful influence such as: nationalism, religious extremism, narcomania and others; uninterrupted improvement of the training process of bachelors, training high qualified specialists of the world level.

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