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Friday, 24 January 2020
The chair of agricultural machines, exploitation and repairing
Agricultural machines, exploitation and repairing

the head of the chair, docent

M.Ulugbek street-77, 140103,
Samarkand, Uzbekistan.
 Tel: +998662348577.
Fax +998662340786
Visiting days: Every day from 1500  till 1700

       The history of the chair «Agricultural machines, exploitation and repairing» is closely connected with the history of the institute and it is formed as a chair, in 1930 under the name «Mechanization and electrification of agricultural production», and its first head was docent A.I.Burshtin. Beginning from September, 1939 till 1941 the chair was headed by B.I.Ponamaryov. In connection of evacuation of Moscow Agricultural Academy to Samarkand the chair was headed by professor P.V.Saleznev from 1941. From December, 1943 till 1954 the chair was headed by docent A.I.Nizametdinov and L.M.Zilberments, V.V.Derevenko worked at the chair. From 1965 till 1970 the chair was headed by docent V.V.Agofonov. Docents V.V.Agofanov, D.Sh.Golberg and senior teachers M.S.Luchkin, A.V.Poliev, A.F.Ivanov and others contribution to the development of the chair in the 1960. From 1970 till 1981 the chair was headed by docent V.A.Davlatyan, from 1981 till 1990 by docent R.B.Safarov, from 1990 till 1996 by docent A.Jakhongirov and from 1996 till 2004 by docent H.Norboev. During those years by A.I.Nizametdinov, V.A.Davlatyan, H.Ya.Muhamadiev, R.B.Safarov, R.S.Gasanov, S.T.Razanov, O.Shavazov, the senior teachers G.G.Poddubny, R.S.Dajanov, assistants G.E.Eshankulov, Sh.Sh.Sulaymonov, M.N.Sodikova, A.Ortikov, B.U.Nurmihamedov, U.Karshiev, S.I.Hoshimov worked at th chair.
       In 1978 a new chair was separated from the structure of the chair under the name «Mechanization and electrification of animal husbandry» and it was headed by docent  Sh.Suvankulov till 1991.Docents A.I.Nizametdinov, L.B.Persidskaya, I.I.Giravin, R.Husanov the senior teachers candidates of  technical sciences I.K.Kruglov, M.S.Lukin, A.H.Hodjaev, D.I.Jabriev, N.B.Botirov, assistants M.Mamatov, Z.A.Abduganiev, S.Ortikov, S.Holiknazarov, N.I.Valiev, O.Z.Ahmedov, N.N.Hamidov, Yo.Halliev, H.Pulatov, H.Kojuilov and N.Bumatov.
        According to the decision of the scientific council of the Institute the chair was named as «Agricultural and stock-breeding machines» and beginning from 1991 till 2000 years it was headed by docent ., Jabriev, and from 2001 till 2004 by docent A.T.Musurmonov. In September, 2004 the chairs «Exploitation and repairing of machine-tractor park» and «Agricultural and stock-breeding machines» were joint and was headed by candidates of  technical sciences B.U.Nurmihamedov. Beginning from 2005 up to present time the chair is headed by docent Z.A.Abduganiev.
       At present time professor A.R.Tuhtakuziev, I.T.Ergashev, doctor of technical sciences. (Russian federations), docent S.Suvankulov, docent O.Shavazov, H.Norbaev, A.T.Musurmonov, A.Z.Jahangirov, B.U.Nurmihamedov, senior teachers A.Ortikov, T.A.Haitov, assistants S.S.Mirzahadjaev, H.K.Pardaev, S.I.Hoshimov, Z.Haitov, A.Beknazarov, A.Rabbimov, F.Toshkulov, educational foremen A.Usmanov, M.U.Negmatov, H.Shodiev,the head of the chair H.Tursunova, senior laborer U.Ahmedova and laborer P.Hamraeva, mthe head pavilion of U.Mamadaliev, the senior scientific research workers M.K.Ahmedov, B.R.Toshtemirov, A.A.Mamasov.
        For the last 5 years much work was carried out on the improvement of education-methodic, scientific research activities of chair. Particularly the members of chair wrote and published two text-books, one electronic text-book, three monographers, three education manuals, more than twenty methodical instructions. At the chair there are created are created educational-methodic a complex of new generation on 18 subjects.
For improving the material-technical base of the chair in the educational-experimental proving ground of the institute there was built the auto-tractor field, there is functioning one computer classroom, there were elaborated and inculcated into educational process three laboratory installation. All qualification practical works are conducted on leading farms Machine tractor park and joint venture «UzCase service» and other enterprises.
At chair there is an educational-experimental proving ground of 19,8 ha. The students acquire skills on operating tractors and agricultural machines, auto-tractor field includes entrance   into the gate overcoming bridge and traffic in the crossroad and on the smooth to road and others.
       The proving ground is headed by A.Usmanov.
     On the base of the chair is created an auto school, training students on driving of cars of  category "B". The school is headed by assistant S.I.Hoshimov.
      There are built ways, gates bridges crossroads and others for operating tractors and agricultural machines. i.e. all necessary elements for operating tractors and agriculture machines. At present time there functions "Tractor-school" which is headed by senior teacher T.A.Haitov. As a result of training the students get certificates " Tractor driver", of appropriate category.


       The total area the chair comprises 775 2. All the educational and subsidiary premises are situated at the educational building of faculty of Mechanization of Agricultural and conversion. The students, studying on the educational trend-agronomy, agro chemistry and gro soil science, professional training (agronomy), management, of farms, they study the subject « Mechanization of agricultural production
       All the educational lecture-rooms audiences and laboratories are placed in the educational building of the faculty. On the first floor there are the following lecture-rooms and educational laboratories: 500 - educational machine tractor park, 501,503 - laboratories on studying the devices of tractors and automobiles, 502- an office of the manager of chair, 502- an office laborer, 502- a room of educational masters, 504-laborer of agricultural machines,
      The lecture-rooms 505 – is meant for a tractor school, 507-laboratory on hydraulics and hydraulically machines, 508 - laboratory on the electric drive and automatics, 509-laboratory on  electrotechnics and electronics, 510,514-teachtrs,room 511 – the room for fulfilling course projects, graduation and qualification works, 512-laboratory of termotechnics, 513-laboratory on mechanization of stockbreeding and conversion of products. On the second floor there is one lecture-hall, 518 and 521 the room for educational foremen.
        In the semi-basement of the educational building there situated the  laboratory of Machine tractor park 528 and the laboratory on the firmness and repairing the machines 532. Besides in the others building there are 2 separate lecture-room on traffic rules 505. The lecture-room is situated in the building of the faculty and it is equipped with computers of new generation.

        The lecture-rooms is planned for 20-25 the persons and hire the students use computers while carrying out  course and graduation woks and for fulfilling scientific-research works.


        SH. Suvankulov, Z.Abduganiev and S.Mamasov published the text-book«Mechanization and automation  of stock-breeding» for educational trend 5620500 –Zootechnics and 514090- professional training (Zootechnics).There is prepared a text-book named « Mechanization of pond fish-breeding for the students of secondary special, and professional education establishments. There is aerated an electronical text-book on «Mechanization and automation  of stock-breeding» ,there are published    3 monographers, 3 teaching manuals, there included into educational process programs on 4 subjects, more than 30 educational manuals on   corresponding  trends.
         There were prepared the educational-methodic complexes of new generation on 18 subjects. There was deforested the program for qualification practice on the subjects «Mechanization and automation  of stock-breeding» for the students of the 3td year students of «Veterinary ,Zotechnics and karakul sheep-breeding».The are concluding the agreements on passing qualification practice on the Program with Chelyabinsk State agrarian academy ROSSIS in RUSSIA, with company CLAAS(Germany) with administration of P of  Samarkand region, with Pastdargom MTP C with Djambay MTP C, with joint Uz Case and educational-excremental  from Samarkand 
       As a result of close ties with the chair with Chelyabinsk State Agrarian Academy in 2009-2010 academic year 14 students, in 2010-2011 26 students and in 2011-2012 8 students passed qualification practice in CH.A.S.A. Working educational training of foreign students in Russia (WETFSR), 2 students passed qualification practice on the program LOGO in Germany and 1 student passed qualification practice in Bavaria.


         The scientific-research works of the members of the chair are conducted according to the grants on confirmed themes. For the last period of time were carried out the scientific- researches on 3 grants on the sum of 149,849 mln sums. According to the results of scientific- research works there were got 4 patents for the invention, there published more than 100 scientific article, there were prepared 4 model samples of agricultural machines. 6 scientific and 2 innovational projects are nominated in 2012 for the announced competition of scientific projects.


      At present time the staff of chair supervises the 3td and 4td courses of the faculty. Different discussions on educational work are periodically held with the students, visiting hostels, private flats, private houses. There are studied their life conditions and given necessary  consultations. There are organized sport and also and other measures with the students.
      There are held the discussions on observation of rules of  the institute, attending lessons progress, carrying out the course and graduation works and others.
       On the 20th of March there was organized the national holiday "Navruz", on birthday of Mirzo Ulugbek on 23rd of March, 2012there layed the flowers on his monument, on the 9th Aprel ,2012 there were held the measures in honour of A.Temura's birthday, on the 14th of January, 2013 there was organized the meeting with lieutenant colonel  of Samarkand automobile special school  R.H.Kozimovin in honour of defenders day.
      On the 9th February in Central park of Samarkand and at the chair there were conducted the measure an the occasion  of A.Navoi’s birthday, on 3rd of March, 2012 there was organized the meeting with the 3rd and 4th courses students parents « Parents’ day ».
      The teaching-staff of the chair periodically help the farmers while sowing cotton-plant, processing of cotton-plant, on watering, and harvesting grains, besides they help the farmers of  Pakhtachi district in harvesting of cotton-plant.

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