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Friday, 24 January 2020
The chair of general-technical sciences and safety of vital activity
Associate Professor, Head of the Chair
Ulugbek -77 . 140103 .
Samarkand, Uzbekistan .
Tel: +998915300902
Fax: +998662340786
Receiving day: Every day, 15:00 - 17:00.
   The chair was formed under the guidance of Associate Professor I. K. Kruglov in 1979, which were trained on general engineering disciplines future mechanical engineers and was called " Technology of descriptive geometry and construction materials ." Teachers who were at the origins of the chair of education had to organize a laboratory, training workshops, classrooms for  lectures and practical exercises  to make curricula and guidelines for the disciplines of the chair. During these years in the chair were Associated. I. I. Gurevich, Associated. L.B. Persian,   M.N. Sadikova , Associated B.S. Suleymanov U.U Ablakulov , teaching master A. Ablaev T. Zhuraev , laboratory and Grigoryan L. In the following years came to the chair Ph.D. R.S. Dayanov , T.K. Ostonov , I.T. Ergashev J.S.Yuldashev , J.J. Ra'zac , Sh. Mamasov , P. Boboev , senior lecturer A.Y Hosilbekov , assistant I.B. Juraev , S.M.Sariev, E.I. Jahangir, I.Huzhamatov , A.Hodzhimamedov , A.S.Maanazarov .
        In these years, the chair was a large amount of research work. Obtained 81 patents, has been prepared more than 150 articles. Teachers of the chair with the participation of students developed minitractor participated in the exhibition of agricultural machinery in Uzbekistan, where they were awarded two bronze medals. 2004 defended his doctoral associate professor I.T.Ergashev, 2005 Sh Mamas and 2008 WP Boboev defended his thesis.
      Head of the Chair worked with the 1979-1986 Ph.D., Associate Professor I.K. Kruglov, with rt 1986-1993 y.  Associate Professor B.S. Suleymanov year 1993-2000 Ph.D., Associate Professor W.W. Ablakulov, 2001-2012 year Ph.D., Associate Professor T.K. Ostonov. Since 2012 and now an assistant professor Sh.A.Mamasov.
Currently, the chair studied engineering disciplines for the direction of education majors " Agricultural Mechanization " and " Technology of cultivation, processing and storage of agricultural products ." Currently the chair has 10 teachers and three teaching staff helpful. Of these, 4 associate professors, 1 Ph.D., Senior Lecturer, Senior Lecturer 1 and 4 assistants, the average age is 43 years.
 The chair has specialized classrooms for lectures and laboratory - workshops - three lecture halls and classrooms for 5 laboratory and practical classes. Also, the chair has specialized training workshops for practical training, laboratory studies in disciplines. Over the past years, the chair is equipped with the audience for the tensile test works (P -5, P-20), the hardness of materials (hardness Rockwell, Brinell method).
      The chair has established a permanent research and teaching links with many foreign and domestic  institutions. Students and faculty are learning technology practice at the Samarkand Automobile Plant, Elevator Plant, L.L.C. Alpomish and J.S.C. SINO.
To date, the chair has students in the following disciplines - Descriptive Geometry and Engineering Graphics; materials science and technology of construction materials; computer graphics, engineering mechanics, strength of materials, theory of mechanisms and machines, metrology, standardization and interchangeability, machine parts and lifting machinery, life safety.
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