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Friday, 24 January 2020
The chair of anatomy, physiology, surgery of animals pharmacology
The chair of anatomy, physiology, surgery of animals pharmacology

Candidate of Veterinary Sciences,Associate Professor, Head of the chair.


Contact information:
Ulugbek -77. 140103.
Samarkand, Uzbekistan.
Tel: +998662344433
Fah: +998662340786 

 Chair of anatomy, physiology, animal surgery and pharmacology of Samarkand Agricultural Institute is one of the leading chairs in the preparation of specialists in the field of veterinary. The chair was founded in 2004. The faculty of the chair consists of 24 people, including 3 Doctors of Veterinary Science, 10 associate professors, 2 senior lecturers, 9 assistants.
   The head of the chair is candidate of Veterinary Sciences, Associate Professor Hakim Bakaevich Niyazov. The chair conducted training in areas 5 440100 - Veterinary Medicine, 5 111009 - Vocational Training (Veterinary) 5111015 - Vocational Training (animal sciences), 5 410 600 - Animal science (by industry) and by function 5A440109 - Cynology, 5A440110 - Horse diseases and training, 5A440102 - Veterinary Surgery, 5A440106 – Pathology, oncology, morphology, 5A440103 - Veterinary pharmacology and toxicology.
        In the period from 2004 to 2011 years, the chair had prepared more than 5,500 highly skilled professionals who are currently working in all areas of veterinary services and law enforcement agencies of the Republic. At the disposal of students and teachers are laboratories, classrooms equipped with modern teaching aids. There are Students' scientific circles in various subjects. Students participating at the Olympics, takes pride of place among the educational institutions of the Republic.
         The chair provides the scientific research of Professor A.D. Haitov in animal physiology, professor Davlatov N.Sh in the field of toxicology and pharmacology, doctor of veterinary sciences Dilmurodov N.B. in anatomy, associate Narziev B.D. in Lymphology. Such teachers as R.M.Tashtemirov, B.D. Narziev, H.B. Niezov, N.O. Farmonov,  A.A.Holikov, Yu.S. Salimov, D. Eshimov, N.Sh. Shodiev, B.A Kuliyev, O.Kuldoshev, M.G.Karimov are actively involved in the transfer of knowledge to students and to meet their scientific - research works.
       Over the past 3 years, such as young teachers N.B. Dilmurod doctorate, R.F.Ruzikulov and M. Isaev defended their dissertations of Ph.D. and candidate of science. Scientific experimental work carried out at the chair is successfully necessary in the field of veterinary. In addition, in recent years issued textbooks docent Narziev B.D "Fundamentals of Cynology",  Eshimov D.E. and R.F. Ruzikulov "Animal Physiology and Pathophysiology",  Chodieva N.S. "Cytology, histology, embryology which have been successfully used in colleges, in canine centers and higher educational establishments. Over the past five years at the chair prepared and published more than 10 books and teaching aids, monographs, 10 scientific and practical recommendations, more than 130 scientific articles.
         Achieved scientific results are implemented in the Republic of livestock farms to provide practical assistance, in particular in the field of treatment and prevention of diseases of the joints and fingers breeding cattle. Scientific and practical seminars where are valuable tips on prevention and treatment of surgical diseases of agricultural animals.
       At the chair established close ties with Moscow Academy of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology, St. Petersburg Academy of Veterinary Medicine, Ukrainian Academy of Agriculture, Troisk Institute of Veterinary Medicine, Kazan Institute of Veterinary Medicine, Tashkent State Agrarian University, Uzbek Research Institute of Veterinary Medicine, Uzbek Scientific Research Institute of Karakul and desert ecology, Samarkand State University, Samarkand Medical Institute.
        Staff of the chair are actively involved and takes pride of place in various events held at the Institute: scientific conferences, sporting events and like these. The faculty of the chair considers its paramount duty to take an active part in preparing students for independence, dedication, competitiveness and speed of solving problems, and so on.

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