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Friday, 24 January 2020
The chair of animals diseases and parisitology

The chair of animals’ diseases and parisitology 

 Bakhtiyor Bakirov
docent, the head of the chair

Contact information
Mirzo Ulugbek streed 77 140103
Samarkand, Uzbekistan
Tel: +998662342162
Fax: +998662340786
Reception days: Every day from 15.00 till 17.00

          In 2004 the chair was renamed into the chair of  ‘Diseasis of animals and parasitology’ on the fase of the former chairs ‘Internal uninfections diseases’ and ‘parasitology’ and ‘Epizootology’, which were founded in 1932.
       The chair was superirised by S.G.Yudin, S.G.Yudin, N.T.Vasilyev, R.M.Voskanyan, A.A.Pokudin, N.V.Badanin, N.A.Jdanova, Sh.T.Rasulov, E.H.Ergashev, H.Z.Ibragimov, T.A.Abdurakhmanov, M.P.Parmanov, M.S.Khabiev, R.B.Boboev, K.N.Norboev and R.B.Davlatov. since 2011 the chair headed by docent B.Bakirov.
               Doctor of veterinary sciences, professor H.Z.Ibragimov, one of our native scientists, was a head of the chair during more that 24 years and he elaborated methods of early diagnosis of Frihodesmotoxicosis, utilatotoxicosis of farm animals. Fogether with his students (prof. K.N.Norboev, docent M.B.Safarov, docent B.Bakirov, docent A.J.Rakhmonov) he creatod the theory of  “Complex dispanserization of productive agriculheral animals”, he elaborated the scheme of combat with diseaees of  breach of metabolism liver and stusses. 10 doctors and 50 candidates of sciences were prepared by him.
             Academician I.H.Ibragimov headed the chair for a lond time. He elaborated the theory of dehelmentization and devastation at helmentoxes under conditions of Uzbekistan. There were prepared several doctors and more than 20 candidates of sciences.
             Professor Sh.T.Rasulov was a member of VAK of the USSR on infectious pathology. He created the theory of preparing vaccines against trihophitia and conditional pathogenous infection under conditions of Uzbekistsn.
For the last 10 years the members of the chair have prepared 5 texbooks, 10 teaching aids and more than 500 scientibic words, among them 22 scientific recommendations, 6 patents and others.
            The scientists of the chair elaborated the treating preventive premixes DOB, “Ultracetos” APP and others, and also tissue preparations “Ovariotropina”, “Haepastimulin” and vitamin preparation Micovit and others at present time under the supervision of candidate of veterinary sciences, docent B.Bakirov and under conditions of normal – psychological climate professor K.N.Norboev, B/S/Sslimov, doctor veterinary sciences R.B.Davlatov, docent M.B.Safarov, H.K.Bozorov, A.J.Rakhmonov, B.M.Eshburiyev, A.S.Daminov, T.T.Taylorov, P.S.Khakberdiev, M.N.Mamatova, A.O.Rakhmonov; senior teachers: Sh.B. Atakurbonov, S.M.Murodov, A.K.Kambarov, Z.J.Shopulatova, B.H.Ibragimov; assistans candidates of veteribary  sciences: Sh.Kurbonov, N.B.Ruzikulov, D.Aliev, S.B.Eshburiev, V.Dustkulov, Sh.Aminjonov; assistants: A.Tursunkulov, A.Abdulakimova, S.Kholikov, K.Urokov: veterinary doctors-ordinators: D.Tursunkulova and V.Karshieva, manager of cabinet U.Sadikova, senior laborer Sh.Boboeva, laborer M.Khaknazarova, stagers – rescarchers – investigators O.Boboeva, A.Hhojamshururov, D.Nishonov are working at  the chaiz.
            The scientific potential is 86 %;
            Average age – 53 years.

 Material – technical base

             The chair has 2 eguipped wirh informational-technical eguipmend lecture rooms (278, 234) 22 classrooms for laboratory and practical lessons, riding – hall laboratory of pathology of metabolism, virusological laboratory, microbiological laboratory, epezootological laboratory of veterinary sanitary examination, laboratory of zooparasitology. 2 electronic miroscopes and 30 microscopes of Biolam type, 5 computers, 2 video-projectors, 2 codoscopes, adiaprojector, roentgen apparatus, FEK and ECG, autoclavs, drying cascs, centrefuges, refrigerators, adestilator and others are used at the lessons. At the chair there are enough the necessary apparatuses, instruments, reactives, antigens and others. At the clinical lessons besides informational technologies there are used 3-4 types (a cow, sheep, ahorsc, a donkey, o dog and others) healthy animals from vivarium and sick (brought from experimental farm and the nearest settlements) animals.

Educational – methodic work

             There are prepared the educational – methodic complikes with new pedagogical technologie on 13 disciplines.
             There are issued the text books on internal uninfectious diseases of animals, “Private epizootology”, teaching aids on “Zoology”, “Desises of fish”, “Mikrobiology” on 13 disciplines. There is established a methodic partnership with 3 colleges: Samarkand agricultural college, Pastdargom financial – economic college and Kushrabad agrarian college.

Scilntific – research work

              The scientific – research work at the chair is carried out on the following trends:
1. Irophylakis of the breach of metabolism and sterility of productive cows.
2. The improvement of methods of sfruggle against infectious diseases of agriacltural and domestic animals.
3. Trematodozes and blood-parasital diseases of agricultural and domestic animals.
4. KHA – 9-115 “Elaboration of effective methals and means of prophylaxes the breaches of metabolism and sterility of cows under conditions of forms of Uzbekistan”.
              For the last 10 yeaes at the chait there have been pared 1 doctor and 6 candidates of veterinary sciences.
             The practical assistance to the farms
             The seientists of the chair systematically render the help to the experimental farm of the institute and farms of the Zerafshan region.

The spiritual educative work

             The chair directly carries out the
             Work among the students of the 1 – 3 year of “Veterinary, zootechnical and karakuk sheep-breeding” faculty according to the “Plan of spiritual – moral of students for academic year”.
            The specval attention is the study of works of the President I.Karimov.
- of the study of laws and other documents of supreme council and Senate of the republic.
- Cartging out into students‘ life normal, heslthy way of life.
- The improvement of life conditions and educational proass of students.


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