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Friday, 24 January 2020
The chair of Uzbek languages and foreign languages
 Sobirov Solijon Sobirovich
Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor, Head of Department

E -mail:
Ulugbek 77. 140103
Samarkand. Uzbekistan
Tel: +998662341837
Visiting Days: Daily from 15.00 to 17.00.
Department of Uzbek and foreign languages is one of the most exemplary and illustrative departments of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Animal Science and Karakul.
           It was organized in 1929. Initially, the department was created as part of general studies, and in 1948 became an independent department with a new name «Department of Languages ."
           October 21, 1989 the Uzbek language has the status of the state language, and our republic since 1991, became an independent state, in this connection, in 1993 - 2000 «The Department of Languages" was split into two separate departments: the Department of the Uzbek language and literature department of Russian language and foreign languages.
           In 2000, the Academic Council of the Institute, these two departments were again united under the name «Department of the Uzbek language and foreign languages"
            Prior to 1975, directed the Department of Senior Lecturer Ibragimov, R.S. up to 1981 - Associate Tursunov R.U, until 1986, associate professor Azatyan A.V, up to 1998 - Doctor of Philology Khachaturova L.A, in 1999 - 2000 years - Associate Sobirov S.S, up to 2004 - Associate Professor U.U. Usmanov, up to 2011 - Associate Professor A.A. Akhmedov, and from February 2011 to present Associate Professor Sobirov Solijon Sobirovich.
            The department has 31 teachers, including 2 PhD,
4 senior teachers and 27 teachers. By training subjects in the department, there are 3 sections, methodological section on Uzbek and Russian languages (head - Holbaeva D.D.), a section of the English language (head - Salakhutdinova F.T.) and a section of the German language.
(Head - Mirsanov B.)  The activities of these sections is carried out in its approved annual work plans.
            In the section of Russian language teachers work such as the candidate of philological sciences , associate professors Sobirov S.S, A. Akhmedov , a senior lecturer Holbaeva D.D, teachers - Tolibov G.H,
Gafurova S.T, T.S Pigida and Abdusalomov M.E.
            In the section of the English language shall operate such teachers as senior lecturer Salakhutdinova F.T , teachers - Z.O.Holmirzaeva , N.D, Fayzullaeva , M.U.Tursunova , O.B.Sadykov , D.A. Yunusov N.N.Ochilova , B.R.Rafieva , F.Davronova , O.Butaeva , F.Sattarova and G.Hasanova .
             In the section of German language teachers are working as a senior lecturer Rakhimovaa O.A, a senior lecturer Mirsanov B.M, and teachers - Tagaeva Z.S, Murtazaev A.A, Faizullaev F, Gapparov A.K, Rizaev H. and A. Turaev
             Teachers of the department cooperated with many national and international universities , including Hohenhaymskim Humboldt and German universities , with the Moscow State University named after MV Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU) , with Timirjazevskoy Agricultural Academy , with the Goethe Institute in Tashkent and the institution of the DAAD .
            According to the program logo and the directions of the international graduate and undergraduate faculty members and many of our students are in close collaboration with students in Germany, Malaysia, England , Holland, Russia , etc.
            Great merit in this field docent Sobirov S.S, teachers Salakhutdinova F.T, Mirsanova B., and D.D. Holbaeva
            At the same time , the department cooperates with the departments of leading universities in the country such as - National University named after Mirzo Ulugbek, Samarkand State University named after Alisher Navoi , Samarkand State Institute of Foreign Languages , Tashkent Road Institute , Tashkent Pedagogical University named after Nizami Tashkent University of Information technology, Samarkand Engineering Institute , Samarkand Institute of Economics and Service , and with other universities .
           From 1995 Department of Uzbek and foreign languages cooperating with Germany on the program LOGO (East- European ecological equilibrium). Significant contribution to the professional development of teachers of the department made abroad. About 70 students were trained and practice in their specialties in advanced German farms.
            Teachers of the department of the Uzbek and foreign language prepared by 50 students in 2009 - 20 students, and in 2010 of 2011 30studentov for shipment to Russia cooperation program with the Chelyabinsk University of Agricultural Engineering. Students passed and share their experience in advanced farms Chelyabinsk.
            Guided by the speech of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov at the extraordinary session of the People's Deputies of the Samarkand region of 17 December 2010 on in-depth study of English in higher and secondary special institutions and the decision of the Scientific Council of the Samarkand Institute of Agriculture "On the in-depth study and teaching of foreign languages, teachers of foreign language department took the initiative to take additional English classes with students. They are held on schedule in December 12, 2011.
          Department of Uzbek and foreign languages is committed to train highly qualified specialists, who know a foreign language perfectly.
        1. Department conducts workshops for Russian, English, German and Uzbek languages at all faculties of the institute.
        In recent years, improved in quality and quantity of scientific -research and scientific- methodical work of the members of the department. They have been prepared and published more than 100 scientific articles, textbooks and teaching materials.
      Currently, teachers of the department, guided by Islam Karimov speech about the education of the younger generation, making a worthy contribution to the education of youth institute.

Indicators of teaching work
        The department is fully equipped with the legal documents. Based on the State Standards of Education developed training programs of work, which are discussed and approved by faculty and the institute Research Council and the Vise Rector of Academic Affairs.
         In 2011-2012, the amount of educational, scientific and methodical, research, organizational, methodological and educational work of teachers in the Department approved according to the order number 105 on the regulations of time, approved by the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education in April 2004.
        All documentation of the department complies with the requirements.
      Learning, teaching, research, and spiritual and educational work of teachers of the department are available in 22 folders.
        Prepared Journal of arrival and departure of teachers to work with the time .
        The chair has educational- methodical complexes conducted on all (foreign , Russian , Uzbek) , which are created on the basis of state education standards . They include for example : training programs, educational programs of work , ped-technology , collection of exercises and assignments , tests , examinations , general issues , development, ranking card , handouts , a glossary , themes, essays , references, notes , plans , training materials (texts of lectures , foreign sources, annotation , information about teachers , tips , regulations ) , the criterion of evaluation. Prepared by the regulatory legal lectures and practical exercises. There is an electronic version of these documents in all subjects . Official explanation  approved by the department and the faculty schedule open sessions of teachers placed in Ziyonet. The department is equipped with monitoring by the academic literature . Currently, the department is equipped with a 100 % academic literature on the subject . These are the tutorials as : Sobirov S.S, Holbaeva D.D, Tolibov G.H . Guidelines on the Russian language . Akhmedov, A., Rakhimova O.A Deutsch ( educational- methodological developments of the German language for undergraduate students SamAI.) Rakhimova O.A, Tagaeva Z.S, Faizullaev F. Deutsch Study Guide, as well as methodological developments in the same part of teachers to students bachelors SamAI..
       For active use of multimedia and e-books for the department selected a multimedia projector that is used in the classroom.
On the initiative of the Head of Department at the Department of wound gradebook to receive current and boundary control in backward students. Points are received by students during the monitoring specified in the magazines at the appointed time, after a certain amount of steam.
       List of the reception of the final control are filled correctly and match the scoring in the gradebook.
       Students are advised of scores. At the department organized «Rated window" in all subjects.
       Particular importance is attached to the department conducting classes with the use of new teaching and information technology.
       At the department is working with 30 or more gifted students. There is a plan to work with them. These students actively support their scientific presentations at conferences. In 2011 the gifted students was published 12 scientific articles that they have made at scientific conferences.
Collaboration with colleges
        Particular attention is paid to the study of foreign languages among the young generation in 2012-2013 , due to this being a collaboration with colleges and academic lyceums .
Comprehensive collections of published scientific research are branches of departments are being introduced to implement effective ways of working.
       1. By SamAI.fixed two academic lyceums and agrotadbirkor college. Effectiveness of the work undertaken to set up branches of departments at these institutions.
        2. At the faculty meeting , it was decided to attach to one academic lyceum senior teachers Salohutdinovu F.T. Rakhimova and O.A, as well as teacher Ochilova N.N. By 2 academic lyceum teachers Holmirzaeva Z.A. and Tagaeva Z.S. By agricultural  college teachers Murtazayeva A. and F. Fayzullaeva
       3. Head of the Department Associate Professor S.S. Sobirov and Associate Professor A. Akhmedov presented and introduced to these teachers in the above schools.
      4. Head of department and heads of these institutions up plans for the implementation of joint activities.
    In 2011, with the teachers and schools number 1 and number 2 with teachers agro- business college made plans to work together on research and production work.
      In accordance with this plan, drawn up by the department of foreign language teachers and guidance agotadbirkor schools and college teachers of the department should provide methodological assistance to teachers of the Lyceum 1 time per month.
      Teachers of the department of the Uzbek and foreign languages SamAI.   F.T. Salohutdinova , O.A. Rakhimova had discussions with the director of the Lyceum 1 I.Holbekov with teachers and school 1 in SamAI. Salohiddinovoy F. and M. Abdullaev, N. Latipov and with other teachers. Teachers assisted in the design of training in classrooms and teaching materials and teaching materials.
      Teachers of the department of the Uzbek and foreign languages SamAI.  A.Murtazaev and F. Faizullaev conducted interviews with the director of the college agro-businesse  V.B.Chakkonov and with other teachers. Teachers assisted in the design of training in classrooms and teaching materials and teaching materials.
Active indicators of research activity.
      In the long term the department planned research work is carried out in two areas: scientific research and efficiency problems of language learning.
The solution to this problem: the first in-depth study of the state language, the proof of the research activities, the decision of the grammatical features of the language, the second aims to facilitate the goal of learning the official language learners.
     In this area of research professors and teachers in the research supervisors are elected in treaty form. These topics are explored and developed and studies are considered an issue.
 Expected results - two doctoral dissertations (senior Sobirov SS, associate professor Akhmedov  A. A.) 5 PhD ( Mirsanov B.M, Holbaeva D.D, Tolibov G.H , Ochilova N.N. ) .
       Professors, teachers of the Department of the Uzbek and foreign languages in 2012. Published 17 articles in Volume 2 Proceedings of the scientific- practical conference of professors and teachers of the institute were dedicated to «strong families «on the theme "The role of developing innovative technologies in agricultural production. »
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