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Thursday, 23 January 2020
The chair of pasture stock breeding and technology of feeding animals
Yaylov chorvachiligi va hayvonlarni ozuqlantirish texnologiyasi kafedrasi.

 Head of the department:

candidate of agricultural sciences, associate professor.
Ph.: +998-93-301-08-09;
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            The chair was educated in 1929 as a part of the Uzbek State zooveterinary institute under the initial name "Feeding of Agricultural Animals" which organizer is professor S. A. Gruzdev. Chair headed:
            professor F.F. Epanchinsev in 1929-1934.
        associate professor G. I. Bolabang in 1936-1942.
        associate professor P.S.Kochetkov in 1942-1949.
        associate professor V.D. Sokolov in 1950-1960.
        the senior teacher D. G. Voskoboyev in 1950-1960.
        professor S. I. Kedrova in 1965-1977.
        associate professor I.R.Rasulov in 1978-1988.
        associate professor M.R. Rashidov in 1989-1991.
        associate professor K.H. Haydarov in 1991-2001.
        associate professor A.N. Nakhalbayev in 2001-2005.
        associate professor Ya.M. Musinov in 2006-2007.
        associate professor K.Kh.Khaydarov in 2007-2012.
        associate professor B.S.Yakhjyaev since 2012 to N of century.
          For many years as a part of the faculty of chair made a worthy contribution to improvement of educational process: .. 1945-1954, Yu.R. Kurbanov in 1953-1956, A.K.Amirov in 1955-1956, K.K. Karibayev in 1956-1956, A.Yu. Sodikov in 1959-1961, H.Z. Zokhidov in 1959-1964, D. G. Rasulova v1961-1965 years, N. Zh. Safarov in 1966-1994, S. Sh. Yunusov in 1961-1971, Z.N. Nazarov in 1971-1972, Sh.A.Abdivaitov in 1971-2006, A.N.Nakhalbayev 1994-2010.
           Thanks to fruitful activity in the fields of education and sciences and as to organizing abilities the staff of chair gained known recognition not only in our country, but also beyond its limits, including the academician K.K. Karibayev is known as the honored scientist in the field of feeding of agricultural sciences, the member of the correspondent of Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan. Associate professors Yu.R.Kurbanov, A.K. Amirov and Sh. A. Abdivaitov for many years worked at senior positions in educational and educational and scientific institutions.
           The diligence caused a stir and T.A. Krasnopolin's laboratory assistants in 1948-1978, E.A. Nazarova 1955-1988, since 1979 Z.B. Holikova, now at a position the manager of an office made a practical contribution to educational process and scientific researches of chair.
            In 2004 for expansion of chairs in restructuring of institute association of this chair with the Zoogigiyena chair, the received names – "A stern of animal husbandry and technology of feeding of animals" is carried out.
            The Zoogigiyena chair was formed in 1933 under the leadership of associate professor A.S. Naidyonov. For many years chair professor U.K. Izbasarov, Yu.A.Suvankulov, etc. managed. Teaching to students of disciplines of zoohygiene and fundamentals of veterinary science and the qualified experts associate professors N. G. BochkaryovG.A.Danilin, N.A.Avazov, I.P. Pushkarev, S.A.Kubayeva, professor Zh.Sh.Shopulatov, the senior teacher E.P. Bragina made the contribution.
             In 2008 for expansion of chairs association of this chair with the Karakul sheep breedeing chair, received the new name – "Pasturable animal husbandry and technology of feeding of animals" is carried out.
              The Karakul sheep breedeing chair was formed in 1937 under the leadership of professor A.A. Rakhimov was the participant and the veteran of the Second World War, for merits before the fatherland in 1941-1945 is awarded by awards and medals, in 1955 is awarded ranks "Deserved the livestock specialist of Uzbekistan", in 1957 is the honorary member of Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan and is elected the member of presidium of Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan, are the author of the textbook "Karakul sheep breedeing" in the Uzbek language, 185 scientific works, the research supervisor of 7 master's theses.

            In development of zootechnical science, century of h. karakul sheep breedeing the worthy contribution was made by scientific chairs: professor S.Yu.Yusupov, associate professors Sh.M.Mirzayev, A.K.Lebedev, U.B. Oblakulov, H.Z.Zokhidov, V. H. Holbayev, S.M.Mamatov, I.K.Khashimov, A.I.Ismoilov, S.E. Shaptakov, N. F. Belobrova, R. H. Ruzimurodov, A.A. Rakhimov, A.Inoyatov, S.B.Bozorov.


          On chair the following all-professional disciplines and subjects in the specialty for the directions of formations of a bachelor degree are taught:   5440100 veterinary science, 5410100 zootechnics (on branches), 5111009-professional education (veterinary science), 5111005-professional education (zootechnics) both 5420100 organization and farm management: 
1 .Technology of feeding of animals.
2 .Zoohygiene.
3 .Fundamentals of veterinary science.
4 .Fundamentals of zootechnics and veterinary science.
5 .Sheep breeding and goat breeding.
6 .Tovarovedeniyey of fur and fur raw materials.
7 .Merchandizing to skin - fur and sheepskin and fur-coat raw materials.
8 .Pastbishchevedeniye.
9  .Breeding matter in a karakul sheep breedeing.
10 .Technology karakul sheep breedeing production.
11 .Smushkovedeniye.
12 .Merchandizing karakulskikh of skins.
13 .Wool merchandizing.
              The following disciplines for specialty of a magistracy are taught: 5a440102-veterinary surgery, 5a440108-parasitic and infectious diseases of animals, 5a440109-cynology and 5a410603-cultivation, reproduction and selection of agricultural animals:
1 .Contents and full feeding of animals.
2 .Hygiene of animals and feeding.
3 .Merchandizing of production of a karakul sheep breedeing, technology of their production, processing and storage.


Yakhjyaev Bakhtiyor Sadullayevich Head of the department, candidate of agricultural sciences,associate professor
Izbasarov Ungar Kakharovich Professor, doctor of veterinary sciences
Makhmudov Mukhiddin Makhmudovich Professor, doctor of agricultural sciences   
Yusupov Suratbek Yunusovich Professor, doctor of agricultural sciences
Kakhor Haydarovich Dotsent, candidate of agricultural sciences
Inoyatov Alim Inoyatovich Dotsent, candidate of agricultural sciences
Musinov Yadullo Hakimovich Dotsent, candidate of veterinary sciences
Sattorov Subkhon Bobokulovich Dotsent, candidate of agricultural sciences
Kuziyev Ismatilla Kakharovich Starshy teacher, candidate of agricultural sciences
Chalabayev Abdusamat Zhavmanovich Starshy teacher. 
Nuriddinov Bobokhon Yallabayevich Assistent
Islamov Gulyam Payzullayevich Assistent
Safarova Zaynab Hakimovna Zaveduyushchaya museums of a karakul sheep breedeing and institute history
Holikova Zamira Basitovna Zaveduyushchaya office
Ibragimova Gulshoda Muzaffarovna Starshaya laboratory assistant
Akbarova Sevara Tozhiyevna Laborant

The MUSEUM KARAKULEVODSTVA – matelialno-technical base of chair and sight of institute

          The faculty of a karakul sheep breedeing was organized at the Moscow fur and fur institute in 1930 and was the only thing in the world. In 1966 this faculty was transferred to the Samarkand agricultural institute. Founders of faculty were: professor A.A.Akhmedov, associate professors Sh.M.Rizayev, I.R.Rasulov and A.K.Lebedev.
          At faculty students from various states of the union, including, from Iran, Avganistan were trained, in Mongolia, Georgia, Ukraine, to Russia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, to Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, etc.
         In 1978, on the basis of the order of the Ministry of Agriculture, at faculty of a karakul sheep breedeing the department of training of highly qualified specialists of primary processing of production of a karakul sheep breedeing was open.
          For more than 45 years at faculty more than 3000 experts were trained:  from Uzbekistan - 2127, Kazakhstan - 480, Turkmenistan - 300, Tajikistan - 50, the Autonomous Republic of Karakalpakistan - 22 and other states - 35.
         In 1930 for a museum collection karakulsky skins at the beginning by the academician M. F. Ivanov at the Moscow fur and fur institute were collected in the beginning, then the academician V.M.Yudin added this collection. 
         From the moment of transfer of faculty of a karakul sheep breedeing to Samarkand, 294 samples the karakulskikh of skins were the main material base for training of students.  Now in the museum of a karakul sheep breedeing more than 3000 samples the karakulskikh of the astrakhans received and recycled as in our country, and abroad, i.e. are stored in Avganistan and in South Africa.
         Samples of individuals are stored in the museum wild , participating in creation of factory types the karakulskikh of sheep of gray coloring of Bobotagsky and Gagarinsky's white coloring, besides, in the museum there is production of goat breeding and finished products from skin - fur and sheepskin and fur-coat raw materials. 
This museum is not only material base for training process, but also sight of institute.


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