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Friday, 24 January 2020
The chair of zootechnics, genetics of animals and breeding
Zootexniya, hayvonlar genetikasi va urchitish kafedrasi 
 Chair of animal breeding , genetics and breeding
The head of the chair is docent,
Shaptakov Erkin
 Chair of animal breeding , genetics and breeding was established in 2008 after the merger of chairs of animal science , genetics, animal breeding and vetobsterics.
The former chair of " Private animal science" was created in 1929 as part of UzAI and its organizers professor V.P.Chernogorov and professor K.V.Dal . In 1938 - 1953 years, the chair was headed honored scientist , professor P.M.Pushkarev , who improved the learning process by preparing a number of experts and creating a new school of animal specialists . In 1953 -1954 years, the chair was headed by professor K.K.Sakovsky , and in 1954 -56 years - Professor A.K.Yermolaev .
     At the chair over the years , dedicated scholars, such as Yermolaev A.K, K.K.Sakovsky , assistant professor M.A.Pern , D.I.Kosolapov , V.G.Shatsky . P.K.Trofimov , V.M.Shepetyuk , K.G.Gorshkova , P.M.Kulangiev , A.Z.Muhtarov , B.L.Lensky , I.H.Ismoilov worked. In 1958-78 years the chair was headed by prof.N.O.Mavlonov who has published a number of books and teaching aids for students. He created his own school livestock specialists , preparing young professionals from many candidates. At the chair during this period worked as an assistant - M.I.Biserova , Z.T.Turakulov , S.S.Salimbaev .
In 1969, from the chair of Private Animal Science parted chair of “Poultry” , was headed by senior lecturers and P.M.Kulangiev A.R.Sagamonov . Worked at the chair professors: A.T.Stazharova , B.L.Lensky , O.Dzhumaniyazov , I.Ismoilov , M.G.Kandaurova , S.Mirzaev . Assistant professor N.I.Biserova headed this chair in 1978 -80 years, in 1980 -89 years - assistant professor S.S.Salimbaev . Active docents - A.Z.Muhtarov , I.Maksudov , D.Holmirzaev , A.Ruziev , B.A.Belenko , M.Yarbekov , M.Chutbaev , laboratory assistants : Z.Allabergenova , L.Ismoilova  worked too.
In 1981, from the Chair of Animal Science separated private matter " ranching and livestock products processing technology ", creating a new chair of the same name . There was transferred subject " dairy business" and " technology of production of farm animals " with the chair of Microbiology . The chair was headed in the years 1981 -1988 by assistant professor I.M.Maksudov , and in the years 1989 -1998 by professor Z.T.Turakulov . In 1998 was organized by the chair of " Cattle and horse breeding ," the head who was the doctor of agricultural sciences D.Holmirzaev previously taught a course in " Equine ". At the chair: professor Z.T.Turakulov, assistant professors A.Narzullaev, B.Rustamov , A.Abdurasulov , assistants - A.Amirov , K.Uralov , O.Radzhabov , laboratory assistants - S.Radzhabova , G.Sharipova  worked.
 The chair " Private animal science ," was directed from 1989 to 2004 by doctor of agricultural sciences Ilkhom Maksudovich Maxudov . Over the years, A.R.Sagomonov , D.Holmirzaev , A. . Ruziyev , B.Belenko , Yu.Ermatov , M.Yarbekov , J.Juraev , E.K.Choriyev and others. In September, 2004 , the Chair of Cattle and horse breeding, Chair of Private Animal Science and the Chair of Karakul sheep breeding breeding merged into a single chair , which became known as the " Chair of Animal Science ." Was in charge of this chair in 2005 - docent Shaptakov S.E ., and in 2006 assistant , candidate of agricultural sciences B.Tugalov . In the years 2007-2012 professor Holmirzaev D., from 2012 to present - Head of Chair, docent Shaptakov E.S.
   In this chair over the years - professor S.Yu.Yusupov, candidate of sociological sciences Dr. I.M.Maksudov , assistants professors - S.E.Shaptakov , O.Inoyatov , M.Yarbekov , J.Juraev , Yu.Ermatov , S.Bozarov , S.Sattarov , B.Tugalov , senior lecturers Sh Amirov , R.Ruzimuradov , assistant Sh.Kurbanova worked. Under the chair the museum of Korakul, laboratory analysis of dairy and meat products, wool of animals. In a short time produced several manuals and teaching materials .
The Chair has trained many masters in the areas of :
" 5A620604 - Horse and camel breeding", " 5A620610 – Karakul sheep breeding ", " 5A620611 - The technology of growing, processing and preservation of karakul sheep breeding products ." This is great merit of professors - D.Holmirzaev and S.Yu.Yusupova .
     The former chair of Karakul , which had been a part of the chair of Animal Science, was founded in 1932 , and its first head was F.F.Epanchintsev . In 1932-42 years P.V.Arapov headed, in 1942 -1947 years - S.L.Popkov , and since 1947 - professor A.A.Rahimov .
     In subsequent years, the chair " Karakul sheep breeding " was managed by docents Sh.M.Rizaev , A.S.Lebedev , U.N.Ablakulov , S.M.Mamatov , A.I.Ismailov , V.H.Soliev , S.E.Shaptakov , S.Yu.Yusupov , A. I.Inoyatov . The following teachers : Yu.N.Nasyrov , A.K.Lebedev , U.B.Sadullaev , N.S.Badalbaev , Sh.M.Rizaev , T.M.Ahmedzhanov , Sh.A.Abdivahitov , B.T.Taganov , N.Belobrova , I.K.Hashimov , O.R.Radzhabov , A.I.Ismoilov , S.Shaptakov , A.A.Rahimov , O.Inoyatov , S.R.Bazarov , R.H . Ruzimuradov , S.B.Sattarov , laboratory assistants Z.Safarova , D.A.Biserova and others worked.
     In 1965, the chair of skin and commodity science was headed by assistant professor Sh.M.Rizaev . At the chair these professors: T. Akhmedjanov, V.H.Soliev , senior teachers N.F.Belobrova , B.T.Taganov , assistant Ruzimuradov A.D. , the museum's director H.Karimov worked .
      The former chair of genetics and breeding of farm animals was organized on July 1, 1934 and until 2004 was of this title . Its first manager was assistant professor S.L.Popkov who headed it until 1942 and combined this position with that of the director of the institute. During the war , after being moved of Moscow Agricultural Academy to Samarkand, in the years 1942 -1943 Chair was headed by an honorary academician D.A.Kislovsky after him - in 1943 -1944 years, the chair was headed E.Ya.Borisenko , who came to the Institute together with the academy . In late 1944 , after the departure of the Moscow Agricultural Academy in 1945 -1948 as the supervisor of the chair 's senior lecturer I.L.Movshovich . From 1949 to 1954 the chair was headed by assistant professor S.F.Maman . From 1954 to 1980 , the chair was headed by professor S.Z.Jalilov .
At the chair at different times some leading scientists and researchers worked . This is the Academy of Sciences of Tajikistan and the Academy of Agricultural Sciences academician G.A Aliev , teachers H.Abdurazzakov , A.Z.Mansurov , YY . Nasyrov, Z.T.Turakulov , R.Yu.Omirova , L.A.Lomasheva , G . I. . Bushueva, M.Hamidov , I.I.Golubkin ., F.Fathutdinova , S.A.Kaluzhin , S.M.Hamidzhanov , I.I.Yakubov , laboratory assistants M.Aliyeva , S.Hamidova and others. This chair in 1980 - 1996  professor P.S.Sabirov headed, from 1996 to 1998 - professor Kakhkharov A.K, and in 1998 -2004 years - assistant Dustkulov S.D.
In late 2004 , after the unification of veterinary, zootechnical and Karakul- faculty into one chair to the chair of animal breeding , genetics and breeding was added to the course " Veterinary obstetrics and artificial insemination of animals ," which was taught at the chair of obstetrics and pharmacology.
The chair was renamed the "Chair of genetics, breeding of animals and vetobsterics" and its head was assistant Dustkulov S. D. in 2004 -2008 years.
Professor P.S.Sobirov, A.K. Kakhkharov, assistant professors -, A.Sh.Shermatov,, M.Norbaeva assistant, senior laboratoryassistant Sh.Nabiev have been working.
In September 2008, the subject of this chair, "Vetobsterics and artificial greeding of animals" was transferred to the chair of "Animal diseases and parasitology", and the chair was attached to the Chair of Animal Science, and became known as the "Chair of Animal Breeding, Genetics and Breeding." Its head is an assistant professor E.S.Shaptakov.
Currently, the chair has professors P.S.Sobirov, A.K.Kahharov, D.Holmirzaev, assistant professors - A.Sh.Shermatov, Yu.Ermatov, Zh.Dzhuraev, W, Amirov senior lecturer B.Tugalov, assistants M . Norbaeva, A.Hushvaktov, M. Ismailov, Sh.Kurbanova, Zh.Isaev, O.Mahmadiyarov senior lab: Sh.Nabiev, S.Yusupov, M.Kurbanova.
 The scientists of the chair published several textbooks and training manuals. Worked previously published textbooks N.O.Mavlyanov "Pig-farming" and "Cattle-farming", and Z.T.Turakulov N.M.Biserova " practical training in cattle-farming," Z.T.Turakulovym, A.Z.Muhtarovym and D.Holmirzaev published tutorial on horse breeding, they also published the book "Practical training in horse breeding," P.S.Sobirov and SD Dustkulov issued a tutorial on the basics of genetics and breeding of cattle, they are also co-authored with A.K.Kahharov released textbook "Practical training in genetics," S.D.Dustkulov,  A.K.Kahharov F.Israilov published guides to practical exercises for animal production, co-authored with P.S.Sabirov S.D.Dustkulovym and A.K.Kahharov published textbook on cattle-breeding. In 2006, professor P.S.Sobirov published a textbook "Fundamentals of Genetics and Biotechnology" in the electronic version.
Five  members of the chair - S.Z.Jalilov , P.S.Sabirov , I.M.Maksudov , A.K.Kahharov , D.Holmirzaev - doctorates and received the degree of professor.
The chair teaches classes in all faculties of the following subjects: a private animal science , general animal science and technology of introducing of animal products .
The teaching staff of the chair is doing everything possible to raise the scientific level of young people - to their services provided postgraduate studies . Done and done some work to ensure the animal production science textbooks and manuals , methodological developments and recommendations , in addition, provides scientific and practical assistance to the countries of the Commonwealth.
Scientific - teaching abilities of the chair is at  high level . Currently, there are 3 active scientific work of Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, professor , candidates , including 5 senior lecturers , 1 - Senior Lecturer , PhD, 3 assistants candidates agricultural sciences and 3 assistant undergraduates .
The chair conducts research on the following topics : "Development of technology to increase the eco-friendly, highly productive cattle production in the central and southern regions of Uzbekistan" ( D.Holmirzaev , A.Kahharov ) and "Creating highly productive breeds by crossing the black-and- white breed to breed Holstein - Frisian and red steppe cattle breed with Angler in Samarkand , Bukhara and Kashkadarya regions " ( S.S.Sobirov )
The scientists of the chair published more than 20 books and textbooks, more than 200 teaching development and recommendations, and more than 2,000 scientific articles, some of which have contributed to the development of cattle breeding, horse breeding , poultry farming at international seminars and congresses. The chair is one of the leading chairs in the training of young specialists.
At the chair operates Masters and postgraduate studies, which prepares the Masters in three areas: 5 A 620602 " Breeding " 5A620608 - "Breeding and selection of farm animals ," 5A620604 - " Horse and camel breeding ." Reserved Ph.D. thesis under the supervision of professors : A.K.Kahharova - 2, D.Holmirzaeva 1, and today under the guidance of their conduct scientific activities of two graduate students , 4 graduate student of the applicant , and one doctoral student .
Professor  P.S.Sobirov since 1992 , D.Holmirzayev - since 2003, A.Kakharov - since 2009 are members of the specialized council on D.020.33.01 . doctoral and master's theses of Uzbekistan under scietific research institute of cattle-breeding .
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