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Friday, 24 January 2020
The chair of fruit and vegetable growing

 The head of the chair- docent
Kamilova Makhbuba Muminova

Contact information:
Mirzo Ulugbek str, 77
Samarkand, Uzbekistan
tel: +99891-536-80-55, +99866-234-45-06
Reeption days: Every day from 1500 till 1700

        The chair was organized in 1932, the first chairman was professor  N.S.Lesov. For many years the chair was supervised  by professor  L.N.Gorev, docents V.V.Nazarkin, M.G.Seytlin, L.T.Toshmatov, S.B.Beckmurodov, professor R.O. Oripov , docents T.S.Musaev and professor  D.T.Abdukarimov.
         From 1994 till 2005 the chair was supervised by young professor T.E.Ostonakulov. In 2004 the chair was joined with chair of Botany and physiology of plants. In 2006-2011 the chair was headed by docents S.H.Narzieva and in 2011-2012 by E.I.Khamdamova. Since between 2013 the chair has been headed by docent M.M.Komilova.
         At present 2 doctors of science, professors – T.E.Ostonakulov and I.H.Khamdamov, 8 candidats of sciences,– docents S.H.Narzieva, K.R.Ravshanov, A.U.Umirzakov, B.H.Kholmirzaev, N.Dj.Khadjaeva, S.B.Mustanov, E.I.Khamdamova, S.T.Sanaev, 9 assistants – G.A.Suvonova, H.H.Khonkulov, M.M.Djumaev, K.H.Jurakulov, H.Ismatullaev, B.Mamatov, Z.A.Todjiboeva M.Begmatova, assistant and laborer  H.Norbekov, A.Nurniyazov, supervisor of cabinet Z.J.Hasanova. Besides, 2 stagers-researchers Sh.B.Abdullaeva and M.Narzullaeva have been training at the chair. 

 Material-technical base of the chair

         There are 7 educational classrooms, 7 rooms for professor-teachers staff, 1 laborer’s room and one computer classroom.
         It should be marked about  the composition and material base of the chair the following order to prepare highly qualified personnel, there is conducted the  work for improving the quality of  teaching  staff, equipping separate educational classrooms for carrying out the main profile disciplines, the placement of no more than 3 teachers in one room.
        The equipment of laboratories, where there are conducted lessons with the help of technical means and equipment is considered to be very topicable nowadays. In 2013- 2014 there is purchased: 1 computer, 1 printer, 2 electronic microscopes for qualitative conduction of  laboratory lessons, at the chair.

Educational-methodic work of the chair

        The lessons on 17 subjects are conducted with the students of Agronomical  faculty (specializations – Agronomy, Selection and seed-growing, Agrochemistry and soil science, special training (agronomy), plants protection and quarantine, (Forestry, Silk-worm-breeding), for the faculty of  economy and management and faculty of mechanization of agriculture.
        At the chair there were prepared and presented to the informational resource centre of the institute the materials on educational-methodic complexes with hypernotes. Professors of the chair T.E.Ostonakulov and  I.H.Khamdamov, docents S.H.Narzieva and K.R.Ravshanov deliver lectures on the  base of innovational technologies at the level of modern demands. In 2010-2011 the assistants of the chair: S.T.Sanaev, Kh.Kh.Khonkulov studied at the courses of improving the qualification in the fund of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan “Istedod” and received the corresponding certificates. They actively inculcate into educational process their knowledge and skills according to new pedagogical technologies.
        The renewed materials and visual aids herbariums, tables in the form of slides are successfully used in the educational process and they answer the modern requirements, besides professor T.E.Ostonakulov and other members of the chair have published the following teaching aids: “Laboratory lessons on vegetable-growing” and “Laboratory lessons on fruit-growing” which are enriched with new pedagogical technologies. In 2013 the teaching aid “Laboratory lessons on vegetable-growing” in the nomination “The best text-book and teaching aid” was awarded with the 1st degree diloma.

 The scientific-research work of the chair

         The scientific of the chair under the supervision of professor T.E.Ostonakulov are conducting the scientific research works of the theme: “The selection, creation and elaboration of the technologies of cultivation the sorts, ensuring the obtaining high and ecologically pure productional and seed yield of potatoes and some other vegetable crops under conditions of Zerafshan valley and Southern regions of the Republic”.
         There are conducted the sort testengs of materials of henofund of potatoes on 9 selectional trends, brought from 20 countries of the world and consisting of 12 20 sorts, hybrids, clons, lines and hybrid populations.
         Under our conditions there is held the study and testing of more than 30 sorts and hybrids of a new vegetable crop – seven (vegetable) corn on different induces and the most perspective of them are recommended into production.
          Besides there are carried out the researches on the program State Committee of science education under the supervision of professor T.E.Ostonakulov and docent K.R.Ravshanov.
          Under the supervision of academician of St Petersburg academy of sciences, professor T.E. Ostonakulov there were created 8 sorts of potatoes, vegetable crops (potatoes – “Kuvonch” 16/56m, bakhro-30, Hamkor-1150, bardoshli-3, Yarokli, the sort of sweet (vegetable) corn Sherzod, the sort of watermelon Dekhkon, Fermer) and 1 sort of hard wheat “Istiklol” by professor I.H. Khamdamov and docent K.R.Ravshanov. 
         The author’s certificates were given to these sorts. There were got 6 patents for the inventions by professor T.E.Ostonakulov and at present there was given the claim for 2 more inventions. During the last 20 years at the hair there are prepared and successfully defended 15 candidate’s dissertations. At present there are being prepared for defending 3 doctor’s and 5 candidate’s dissertations.

The assistance to the production by the members of the chair

          The members of the chair T.E.Ostonakulov, B.A.Kholmirzaev, S.T.Sanaev and H.H.Khonkulov in the complement of working group of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan and meria of Samarkand region having fulfilled the directives and resolution of the President of Uzbekistan render the practical assistance, hold seminars and give recommendations to farms of the Republic and Samarkand region with the technology of cultivation main crops: cotton-plant, wheat, vegetable and fruit crops and grapes.











          On the base of 10 agricultural colleges there is conducted the training of the supervisors of farms.
         On the base of the order of the Ministry of Agriculture and irrigation of the Republic of Uzbekistan the members of the chair meet with leaders, specialists of agricultural production, farms under conditions of Samarkand, Kashkadarya, Surkhandarya, Bukhara, Navoi, Djizzakh, Khorezm regions, in the districts and on farms, meeting with leaders, specialists in agricultural production, farmers through statement in press, radio and television, render the practical assistance on increasing the production of potatoes, vegetable and gourd crops, fruits, grapes, nut and wheat, selection of perspective sorts, especially of sorts, created in the chair, the inculcation of the technology of their cultivation, organization of modern seed-growing, measures of struggle against dangerous diseases and pests, on timely harvesting of early and seed yields, their temporary storage.
         Samarkand radio regularly transmits the recommendations for amateur fruit and vegetable growers, horticulture farms on the technology of cultivation fruit and vegetable crops and grapes and give precious advices (professor T.E.Ostonakulov, docents S.H.Narzieva, B.Kholmirzaev – 3 statements each).
         There are published 3 articles in the column “Advices of specialists” of regional newspaper “Zerafshan”.
          The ideological–enlightenment work conducted at the chair
        The professor-teaching staff of the chair carries out the supervision on the second year students of Agronomical faculty according to recommended by the dean and confirmed by the Rector of the Institute list. At the beginning of academic year every curator made a plan of ideological-enlightenment work with students and this work is carried out according to this plan. the supervisor of the course is the docent S.B.Mustanov, and supervisors of The groups are N.D.Khadjaeva, S.B.Mustanov, E.I.Khamdamova, M.M.Komilova, assistants G.A.Suvonova, H.H.Khonkulov, M.M.Djumaev, K.J.Jurakulov, B.Mamatov, H.Ismatullaev, Z. A.Tajibaeva, M.Begmatova, H.Norbekov, A.Nurniyazov.
         The supervisor of the course and curators of groups have studied the Resolutions and Orders of the President and government of Uzbekistan and bring them to students’ attention. The materials, devoted to political, economical, cultural, ideological-enlightenment life of the Republic are processed and discussed in groups. Besides, important holidays such as: Independence day, Constitution day, Navruz, the 8th of March-Women’s day, Ramazan, Kurban holidays are celebrated together with students. There are regularly held meetings and conversations with outstanding scientists, leading workers, men of arts and literature, leading professors of educational establishments.
         The students are taken out for excursions to cultural and historical places of Samarkand: the historical ensemble of Imam al-Bukhari, Registan Square, Gur-Emir, Bibi-Khanum, Ulugbek’s observatory and others.
         In 2013 special attention is paid to the study of Resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, devoted o the year of “Year of welfare life”. The aims and tasks of this year were taught to the students.
         Besides the teachers together with the students of Agronomical faculty took an active part in cotton company-2013 and in the works on improving the territory of the institute and Samarkand city by planting trees and shrubs.

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