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Friday, 24 January 2020
The chair of agro-chemistry, soil-science and plant protection
The chair of agro-chemistry, soil-science and plant protection 
 Agro chemistry, soil science and plant protection
The chair of agro chemistry, soil science and plant protection     
Assistant, Professor the head of the chair
Connection information:    
Mirzo Ulugbek-77, 140103.
Samarkand Uzbekistan
Fax: +998662340786
Days of reception: daily from 15:00 till 17:00
The chair of agrochemistry , soil science and protection of plants was   founded in 1991. Up to that time he had acted separately since 1929. The chairs of soil science and protection of plants. In 1948 the chair of agrochemistry was separated from the chair of soil science. The chair of soil science was headed by professor I.Zaikanov in 1929-1938, by professor D.M.Kuguchkov in 1938-1970, by professor P.U. Uzoqov 1970-1978, by H.H.Hamdamav in 1978-1991.
              The chair of protection of plants was headed by professor M.M.Siyazov in 1929-1936,by professor M.I.Kosobuskiy in 1936-1962, by assistant, professor M.A.Sosnina in 1962-1964, by assistant, professor V.A.Lebedev in 1964-1969. By assistant, professor S.B. Bekmurodov in 1969-1974, by professor R.Oripov in 1976-1985, then the chair of agro chemistry joined.
            The chair of agrochemistry was headed by Ye.I.Stolipin in 1948-1970, by assistant, professor I.S.Sulaymonov in 1970-1980, by assistant, professor I.M.Mester in 1980-1984, from 1984 the chair of agro chemistry and from 1991 the chair agrochemistry, soil science and protection of plants was headed by professor F.H.Hoshimov till 2012. Nowadays assistant, professor A.Makhmatmurodov is the head of chair. During the World War II academician D.N. Pryanishnikov worked in the chair.
           The main researches of the chair are devoted to the investigation of the soil salted with magnum carbonates and gypsum soil, creation of fertilizing system in exchanging planting of main plants like cotton, wheat, corn, beet, tobacco, potato, grapes which grow in this soil; increasing of the effectiveness of nitric and phosphorus fertilizers in this soil and in the condition of soil erosion. The researches are also devoted to the investigation of anthropogenic factor, humus balance and micro biological activeness of the soil of Zarafshan valley in the system of intense farming and in the condition of  using fertilizers in big norms.
          In the part of plants protection the methods of fighting against, spider-bug, ascochyta, imperfesta, erysiphe graminis, black beetle, tobacco trips were investigated.
        Nowadays there are 3 professors, 5 assistant professors, 2 senior teachers and 16 assistants in the chair.
       During the last 5 years more than 184 scientific and scientific-methodological works have been done. Also a textbook, 2 electronic textbooks, 3 monographies were printed.
      Till 2013 the chair prepared 8 PhD, and more than 65 candidates of science.   There are master’s and doctor’s degrees in the chair.
      There are 10 laboratories and lecture halls, 3 scientific laboratories and 10 classes in the chair. It also has the central laboratory of the institute and biolaboratory.  The laboratory of the chair is provided with 8 FEK, 2 alangali photometry, sanarimetr, spectra photometry,  pH metr, K’el’dal’ apparatus, Socks let  apparatus and other important tools.
Educational-methodological works      
         Every year educational-methodological works, working  programmers methodological instructions, lectures, laboratory researches, manuals, textbooks on 70 subjects are prepared in the chair. During 2007- 2012 years more than educational- methodological researches were done.
           The  methods  of increasing of the harvest of plants and soil effectiveness by the management of micro biological activeness of the soil QXA7-065 (2009-2011) (30mln. Sums)
    Introduction of the increasing of the plants’ harvest and soil effectiveness into the production with the help of compost and the technology of making  compost from  industrial rubbish KXI-8(2008-2011)(18mln. Sums)
           The  research of agrochemical features of UzBAT soil (2010 -2011 years) (14mln. Sums). Preparing scientific workers  and  laboratory assistants for Siyob-Shavkat-Orzu truck farming (2011-2012years)(10mln. Sums)
          The workers of the chair organize seminars, consultations for the farmers of Samarkand, Kashqadarya,  Surkhandarya,  Bukhara, Jizzakh regions.It has 12 special parts, 20 practical manuals. The workers  of  the chair also work in ‘’Cabinet  of  Ministers’’ and in special groups of the region. They prepare more than 10 articles and interviews for magazines and TV. In UzBAT there are several manuals and recommendations. The chair help for the rising of the qualification of specialists of agro chemistry and plant protection.
          The chair has connection with: All Russian agricultural micro biological scientific research Institute, Moscow FGUP GOSNII Genetics , Academy of Science of Uz R Institute of Zoology  in Andijan Agricultural Institute, Moscow Agrar State University, Qarshi Institute  and Economical Institute. Scientific research Institute on soil science, UzPITI and its 12 branches. Bukhara State University, Samarkand State University, SRI of plants protection, Tashkent State Agrar University.
-    ‘’Master- apprentice’’ system;
-    Meeting and ceremonies which are held in student’s dormitory;
-    The  reaches of the courses;
-    The ceremonies which are held for discussing the main events of our republic (the speeches of the president, materials of the session and others);
-    The active participation in cultural events of the Institute and the faculty.

1.      The continuation of preparing textbook and manuals in Uzbek on main courses.
2.    Opening of doctor’s degree on ‘’ Agrochemistry’’.
3.    Methodological and professional works with the council of the scientific magazine ‘’The Agriculture of Uzbekistan’’,
4.      International scientific seminars and seminars of republic in all directions of the chair during 2012-2015years
5.    Carrying scientific researches in the basis of grants and economical agreements.
6.    Involving of active students to the live of the chair.
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