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Friday, 24 January 2020
The chair of plant growing

The chair of plant growing

 Khalilov Nasriddin Khalilovich
professor, the hend of the chair

contrast information
Mirzo Ulugbek str – 77, 140103, Samarkand, Uzbekistan.
Tel: + 99 893-356-02-72
Fax: + 99 866
Reception days: Every day: from 15:0 till 17:00

             The chair of “Plant – growing” was founded at the same time with the institute in 1929.
             At the chair there is conducted the scientific researches on the technology of  cultivation cotton – plant, wheat, barley, corn, rice, soya, beans, back wheat, potatoes, fodders as intermediate crops and the selection and seed - growing  of wheat, beans and potatoes. A special attention is paid to production of ecologically peore production, improving the soil fertility, elaboration of resource saving  technologies.

The managers of the chair:

           1929 – 1932 professor K.I.Kleyn
           1932 – 1935 professor K.P.Danilevskiy
           1935 – 1950 docent N.A.Kuznetsova
           1950 – 1958 professor E.P.Gorelov
           1958 – 1965 professor Ya.T.Mamot
           1965 – 1972 professor G.I.Abolina
           1972 – 1988 professor E.P.Gorelov,
           1988 – 1997 professor R.O.Oripov
           1997 – 1999 professor D.T.Abdukariomov
           1999 – 2010 professor N.Kh.Khalilov
           2010 – 2013 docent D.S.Normurodov
           From 2013 up to present – professor N.Kh.Khalilov.

            At present 1 professor, 4 docents, 1 senior teacher and the laboratory for carrying out practical lessons, 2 video projectors, 1 cad scope, 1 diaprojector “Proton”,1 apparatus for LETI, 2 volorigraph, 2 Lab mix 1000, 1 seeding – machine, 2 technical weighing – machine, 2 torsion weighing – machine, grass herbarium, 5 mineral stones, 9 magnifying glass, 5 microscopes at the chair.


             In the cabinets of professors and teachers there is a library with text – books and additional literature. Besides, the institute has apportioned 2 computers, which are connected up to interned. There are created all the conditions for independent worb of bachelor and masters students.
            Lectures and practical works are conducted with the help of codoscopes,  bideoprojektors, herbariums, plant seeds, sheaf’s and posters and there are used distributing materials, which are constantly renewed.
           The obtained theoretical knowledge’s are consolidated during the production practice. The knowledge’s of students are appreciated according to 100 – ball reyting system. 
        Professors and teachers of the chair carry out the scientific- research work on such trends as
1. The imloyment of energy and resource saving technologies at cultivation grain crops.
2. The creation of new agrotehnologies, improving fit sanitary stat of sowings.
3. The employment of recourse saving agrotehnologies for obtaining high and qualitative yields of winter wheat.
4. The solution of problems of selection and seed – growing of potatoes.
5. The technology of production and storage of seed potatoes under condition of Zerafshan valley.
6. The study of the influence of precursors and green siderites on the intensive sorts of winter wheat.
7. The inculcation into practice the best precursors and green siderates.
8. The study of agrotehnics of new sorts of hard wheat, brought from abroad.
            The chair of «Plant – growing» conducts the corporative joint work with farms production and scientific organizations such as:
1. The Ministry of agriculture and irrigation training high – qualified specialists and their inculcation into production.
2. Kashkadarya scientific – research institute of selection and seed – growing of grain – crops: training the specialists and exchange of experience.
3. The scientific – research institute of vegetable – growing and gourd crops: the exchange of experience at application of new tehnologies of cultivation and creation of sorts.
4. The Gallaoral branch of «CEFDYUTU» the joint work on creation of new sorts, resistant to diseases.
5. «Davurugmarkaz» the joint work on recommendation of new sorts for production.
6. Kattakurgan professional college: training the staff joint scientific – research work, attraction of the youth to study at Samarkand agricultural institute, the exchange of pedagogical experience, the improvement of qualification of college teachers.
7. The scientific – productions association named after Shreder: the joint work and recommendations on employment modern technologies of cultivation orchard trees.
8. Bachelors, masters and post – graduate students together with farms carry out the scientific – research work and get practical help.


             Is carried out on the following trends:
1. The systems of teacher – student
2. Measures and meetings, conducted at the hostel.
3. The cursers of teachers activity
4. Measures, conducted at the institute, connected with jubilee dates.
5. Active participation in spiritual enlightenment work of the institute.


1. Preparing the teaching aid for senior courses in the state language.
2. Carrying out the methodic   work together with scientific journal, devoted to the development of agriculture of Uzbekistan.
3. Holding the scientific conferences, according to the perspective plan of the chair for 2013 – 2014
4. Holding the scientific – research work on the base of grants and economic agreements with farms.
5. The work with gifted students. 
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