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Sunday, 26 January 2020
The notes for the university entrants

Notes for applicants

List of documents submitted by the applicant of the selection committee of the institution:

-A statement indicating the direction of educational, language training (Russian , Uzbek, Karakalpak) and forms of education (full-time, part-time ) .

-The original documents about the secondary or special secondary education;

-Medical certificate (form 086 / Y)

-Copy of passport

-6 photos in the size 3,5x4,5sm;

The original documents which gives the winners of the international and republic Olympiads, choice and competition the right to enter without an examination;

Past military service and have a recommendation of the military must provide it to the admissions office of the institution until July 20. After that date the recommendation is not accepted.

Passport and military ID card provided by the applicant personally.

In State Testing Center sent photos are entered into the database of applicants .

Documents are not photographed applicants will not be accepted.

Applicant is given the receipt of admission documents.

Applicant is entitled to a second or subsequent education (Law "On Education" , Art . 14).

5 days before testing applicant  can make the acquaintance of  the building and auditorium where the examinations will take place (location of the building , floor , room audience) .

3 days before testing applicant  takes permit from the reception committee of the educational establishments which is shown group member.

Testing will be held on August 1 at the same time throughout the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan in three languages ​​( Uzbek, Russian , Karakalpak) at daytime and correspondent department . On July 10 testing is conducted in military schools .

Entrance to the building begins at 7:30 , the applicant must show personally their permit and passport. At 8:00 applicants enter the auditoriums according to their groups .

Using calculators , dictionaries, tables , cell phones and etc. is prohibited .

Applicant is not allowed to be tested after 8:30 ( after the start of the exam) .

Additional testing is not conducted for those students who did not attend the exam.

Applicant is allowed to choose a language and the type of writing, which is taught in school or secondary school .

Requirements for an applicant during testing.

For each block subjects applicant checks the versions of the book questions ( savollar varaqasi ) and answer sheet ( javoblar varaqasi ) .

Applicant must inform promptly the head of the audience in case of fully printed pages or sheets till 9:00 .

Applicant should write down his/her full name and sign.

Applicant must be familiar with part of the "Pay attention! " ( Abiturientlar dikkatiga ) .

When filling out the answer sheet is used only ballpoint pen with blue ink . Using markers, gel pens is prohibited.

Applicant carries passport series and number , special code , school code of a title page in the answer sheet and fills the appropriate circles . Applicant who passes the exam in a foreign language must paint a circle with the foreign language. For each test tasks marked only one correct answer . In case two or more correct answers for this task points are not given. Testing is given three hours for 108 questions (two hours for 72 ones ) .

For filling out the answer sheet  further twenty minutes are given. Answer sheet is the basic document assessing the level of knowledge of the entrant .

      Applicant is personally responsible for correctness of the answer sheet and  is prohibited to go out of the classroom until the test is complete , the newly released applicants are not allowed to be in the audience . Applicants who use calculators , dictionaries , cell phones, cribs are excluded from testing ( with the preparation of the protocol ), and the applicant is  disqualified from testing if revealed that they had been torn from the book of lists of issues ( for violation of testing).

Head of the audience and the observer count test materials and put in a box .

For appeals of citizens , a commission in the State test center , which includes employees of the center and experts on subjects . The commission is approved by the center's director .

Applicant has the right to appeal within one month after the announcement of the responses . The application must be processed within 10 days of registration. In consideration of the answer sheet and show a list of wrong answers , together with a copy of the book questions .

Information about the conclusion of the commission submitted to the State Commission for admission to the educational institution of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Using the right given to him/her applicants can apply for other institutions.


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