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19.01.2020 г.

eASTANA - euroAsian Starter for Technical Academic Network Application

    The eASTANA (euroAsian Starter for Technical Academic Network Application) programme  can be considered as an element of common Euro-Asian collaboration and partnership of European Union and Central Asia Universities. Project was selected under Erasmus Mundus Action II, which manages a scholarship programme funded by the European Commission. The eASTANA program is focused on engineering, technology, business and management fields of study. In the case of business and management science we offer specialisations only close connect to the industry development. The programme objective is to promote and transfer the exchange of persons, knowledge and skills at higher education level.

    The eASTANA programme offer student and staff scholarships to nationals of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan or Uzbekistan. The project provides mobility scholarships for students and staff from Central Asia to European partner universities. The mobility can be realised in six partner universities in EU. There will be available above 100 scholarships to be awarded for 1-34 months depending on mobility type/academic level. The selection process, for the first cohort,  will start 1 November 2011.

The eASTANA project is coordinated by The Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering, Warsaw University of Technology.



                                                                             MARCO XXI

     MARCO XXI places an emphasis on recognition of studies, QA and transfer of knowledge through research cooperation, bringing opportunities to 10 HEIs from Central Asia and many others from disadvantaged regions. The implementation of individual mobilities, with special emphasis to academic cooperation and research initiatives, is expected to close some existing gaps in education. The overall aim of the proposal is to implement student and teaching staff exchanges respecting quality indicators while introducing a practice-based approach to education. In order to support research activities we intend to link the worlds of industry and education. This approach guarantees a positive impact of the mobility. The sustainability of the results and the dissemination of the expertise gained by the long-term cooperation between the European partners and the Central Asian partners will bring about new projects and (research) initiatives. Major efforts will be done to disseminate broadly the project, through a selected number of associated partners so that we can attract excellent Master, PhD and Postdoc students from target group II and III. Nearly one third of all mobility flows are targeted for TGII/III.

    In total, 100 mobility flows are planned: 30 BA, 20 MA, 18 PhDs, 12 Post-docs, and 20 staff mobilities from which 10 will be for academic staff and 10 for personnel involved in institutional building. They will receive a tailor-made program on research and innovation organized by Masaryk University.



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