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Wednesday, 29 January 2020
The department of international relationships.

 Dr. Shavkat Hasanov,
Head of International department.

      The University has established international relationships on cooperation with more than 40 higher educational institutions and organizations. The University has signed mutual agreements to organize joint scientific researches, mobility for teachers and students, understanding and educational collaborations with higher educational institutions as: University Gottingen, University Giessen, University Halle, University of Applied Sciences Waynshtefan and Osnabruck (Germany); Russian Agricultural University-Moscow Timiryazev's Agrarian Academy, Chelyabinsk Agro engineering  academy (Russia); University of Banha(Arabian Republic of Egypt), the Royal Veterinary College(United Kingdom), Ohio, Penn State & Colorado State Universities (The USA); University Aquila and Genoa, Italy; Hinging Agricultural University, China, etc.
        Nowadays, for curricula development are ongoing 2 EU Tempus joint projects – CIBELIES (Curriculum Invoking Bologna-aligned Education Leading to reform in Environmental Studies, 2010) and EPASAT( Environment protection through development and application of sustainable Agriculture Technologies, 2011), where targeting modernizing curricula on agro ecology, agro technology, agro engineering, forestry and other relates sciences and create new Master and PhD courses. Also, 3 Erasmus-Mundus projects-TOSCA( Transfer of skills knowledge and ideas to Central Asia, 2010), MARCO XXI(2011) and eASTANA(euroAsian Starter for Technical Academic Network, 2011) are strengthening mobility of staff and students to abroad, where more than 15 staff, 5 Post doctorates, 10 PhD, 8 Master and 12 bachelor students have get chance for retraining, research, and study. In 2012 are started a new joint research project funding by Volkswagen Foundation(Germany) on the topic “ The Global Food Crisis – Impact on Wheat Markets and Trade in the Caucasus and Central Asia and the Role of Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine”.
      The University has a great possibility on practical training for students on abroad. Students have opportunity to provide practical training in agricultural farms, enterprises of production of alternative energy and growing biotechnologies in Germany through LOGO(Agricultural and Ecological balance with Eastern Europe) ,  Bayern Farmers Association and University of Applied Sciences and University programs,  as well as, similar in Russia by ROSIS (Chelyabinsk Agroengineering Academy) program. Every year selected around 25 students are traveling to Germany and 40 students to Russia by these programs. 
       Also, the University has close relations and cooperation with international institutions as IFPRI, CGIAR, CIMMYT, IFA, F, ICARDA, USDA, DAAD, MAST etc., where some staff and students are taken benefit for funding their researches in aboard and the country, to support training mobility.   

Dr. Shavkat Hasanov
Head of International department
Samarkand Agricultural University
140103, 77. Mirzo Ulugbek sreet, Samarkand, Uzbekistan
Tel. (+99866) 2343281 (office)
(+99866) 2611843 (mobile)
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